Manfred, ND

Manfred, ND

Wells County
Inhabited as of 4/06

Manfred, ND is in Wells County, about 30 miles S of Rugby, the geographical center of North America. Manfred reportedly had 439 citizens in 1920, but that declined to 70 by 1960 and a few dozen today.

We actually hadn’t planned on stopping in Manfred, but we drove right by it on the way to Silva and Fillmore, and when we saw that hotel from the highway, we immediately decided to go to Manfred on the return trip. It was worth it.

Manfred also has a very impressive old schoolhouse, however someone has butted a trailer home up against the building and virtually swallowed up the entire structure as a living space. Some of the windows were plywood and others had bed sheets hanging in the windows. Therefore, we didn’t feel comfortable photographing the structure.

There’s a very nice Manfred Museum as well, sharing a “city block” with several vacant homes. The red and white building pictured below appears to have gone through a recent makeover. Due to a photo contribution from Mark Johnson, we were able to do a before and after animation on the structure.

The Post Office pictured below also appears to be in very nice condition, and there were several very well-tended modern homes in Manfred.

It also seems that several of the abandoned homes in Manfred have either undergone or are undergoing upgrades, sporting unfinished coats of primer etc…


7 thoughts on “Manfred, ND

  1. Two of my bff’s Diane and Ruth lived in Manfred. We ate popcorn on ice cream cones.Alot of fond memories.A great time in my life love them dearly and their family

  2. You should see manfred today Lots of restoratuin has been done and a Museum is It’s worth the stop if you are in the area

  3. This town is a great example of what can be preserved for future generations if we work together and have a positive attitude. North Dakota has a valuable past. It’s value goes beyond dusty memories and needs to be restored to the greatness that it once held. There are those who wish for these towns to turn to dust and return the prairie to its pre-Pioneer state. Let us not spit on the legacy of our ancestors. All of us who have ties to Dakota must pitch in for this cause. North Dakota may be endangered, but it is NOT extinct!

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