Military Installations

Military Installations

US Army Space and Missile Defense Command

Northeastern North Dakota
Vacant as of Summer ’05

Photos by Robert Hinnenkamp

In the Cold War, North Dakota was a northern stronghold of military technology; a frontline of defense against evils which could strike from over the North Pole at any moment. The state boasted numerous Air Force Bases, Radar Bases, and Space and Missile Defense facilities like this one. Indeed, Grand Forks Air Force Base can briefly be seen on a map in the movie “WarGames” as a supposed Soviet “First-Strike” target.

Another notable former base in North Dakota is a former early warning wadar base just south of Minot. At last check, that base had been bought by a developer and turned into a housing development.

RSL #3 is part of the Safeguard System which was headquartered near Nekoma.

Decommissioned in 1998

Site Visitor Dave D. wrote to clarify our information on the site shown below, saying this was a Minuteman Missile launch control facility attached to Grand Forks Air Force Base, and that it was decommissioned in 1998.  Thanks for the clarification Dave!

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  1. Check out for more information on the Safeguard complex – the pictures shown are actually two different systems. the RSL site was part of the Safeguard system (constructed and abandoned in the 70s) and the tan building was a launch control facility for one of the Minuteman missile flights that was attached to Grand Forks AFB (deactivated in 1998).

  2. RSL#3, located near Olga, ND, was sold by the General Services Administration in 2012 for around $60,000, to a private party.

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