More views of Sanger

More views of Sanger

These photos of Sanger were sent in by David L. Anderson, dates unknown.

Sanger, North Dakota

Sanger, North Dakota

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Sanger, North Dakota

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Troy Larson is an author, photographer, gentleman adventurer (debatable) from Fargo, North Dakota, and co-founder of Ghosts of North Dakota. @NorthDakotaTroy

7 thoughts on “More views of Sanger

  1. i just want to comment that my Uncle and Aunt George and Ella Keller (Kellar) lived at Sanger, ND. their house is still standing, the one closest to the road on the southeast corner of sanger. they were some of last full time residents of that town. i remember when sanger had a post office, depot and also they had a community hall in the center of town. in 1935 at christmas they had a program, i was in it and had a little piece to say i was 3 yrs old “its coming boys and girls it’s almost here the happiest day in all the year”. there are a lot of people around yet that remember Sanger during its days. we live up at pick city, nd now, i occasionally go down to sanger and fish. Sanger has a lot of history that hasn’t been written.

  2. I spent the summer of 1972 living in Sanger, as part of an archeological team on a dig at one of the sites in the Missouri River bottoms on Cross Ranch. At that time, an old-timer named Tony lived in one of the houses, and (if I remember correctly) he was the resident. The community hall was still standing at that time. The archeological team lived in two houses that were in fair shape; these were in the northern part of the hamlet, and at least one of them seems to be visible in the photo. It was a great summer in a sweet place. Thanks for this web site!

  3. It was summer of 83 we were having fun I was 16 and driving no one stopped me or anything we would have house parties. I miss Sanger I remember looking for arrowheads I found a lot and still have them in a frame.

  4. My brother Dave and family lived there in the 70’s and beyond. I don’t see any pictures of the home and buildings they lived in but it was back along the west side of the old town I believe. Maybe big bro can chime in here?

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