Wheelock School

Wheelock School

This photo of the former Wheelock Public School was contributed by John Piepkorn. Wheelock was reportedly a town of 115 in 1938, but it dwindled with the railroad and disincorporated in 1994.  The area was more recently reinhabited due to the oil boom, but with the downturn in oil prices, we don’t know the present situation.

Photo by John Piepkorn. Original content copyright © 2009 Sonic Tremor Media

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6 thoughts on “Wheelock School

  1. I explored Wheelock back in 2008! I took tons of pictures while picking through the old school. A resident of the lone occupied household said that the school was wrecked in a tornado in the late ’90’s.

  2. We went to see Wheelock this week and found that the number of residents there has increased, no doubt because of its close proximity to Williston and the oil jobs. We did not see the school and after reading the New Archaeology post above and seeing their photo of it in 2012, as a pile of rubble, we understood why. The two churches we saw seem to be in some phase of re-purposing, but to what, was not apparent. There was one house where someone was working in the yard, and the home appeared to be well maintained and cared for. There was one abandoned house with gorgeous old lilacs blooming in the yard, that we were able to take photos of. A number of the town lots were occupied by trailers, various vehicles, dogs, etc., so… not knowing what properties were private, we did not feel at liberty to explore further, though there were a number of other interesting old homes and structures -many obscured by overgrown shrubs and un-pruned trees, giving them the air of mystery.

    1. Carol,

      Did you stop by the cemetery by chance? Any pictures? I had plan on making a trip out there to the cemetery, but after watching the documentary on PBS of the area, I am having second thoughts about it.



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