More Views of Marmarth

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7 Responses to “More Views of Marmarth”
  1. Gary Arnold says:

    Marmouth is a wonderful town today a sad, poignant reminder of the promises it once whispered to those who came there.

    I love this southwestern town.

  2. Lory says:

    Not a vacant Walmart to be seen.

  3. Dave Moore says:

    what was the purpose of the large building?

  4. salutz says:

    I lived in Marmarth, N.D. several years ago. My father was a railroad engineer and my mother was a Flor family member- Evelyn (Flor) Culp. Most of our Flor family members are now gone, but I can remember how much fun it was to be living in Marmarth and being so close to all of our Flor cousins. Marmarth was a great place to live for the few short years that I had lived there. We left Marmarth in the summer of ’48 and I graduated from Mobridge High School with the class of ’52. If anyone whom I might know, reads this, then by all means send an e-mail to me and let me know if you remember me. My e-mail address is salutz@westriv.com. and of course my name is Shirley Ann (Culp) Lutz

  5. David Richie says:

    My Mom lived in Marmarth as a child.

  6. Karen says:

    I am originally from the northeastern corner of ND (Osnabrock) but pass through the southeast area from Montana to Mott, ND, regularly. I think the next time I do, I will look up Marmarth. So sad to see a town slowly disappear like this one is doing.

  7. Dan says:

    I was married in Marmarth in 2012.

    Might have been the biggest event in town for a few years.

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