More Views of Marmarth

More Views of Marmarth

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  1. Marmouth is a wonderful town today a sad, poignant reminder of the promises it once whispered to those who came there.

    I love this southwestern town.

  2. I lived in Marmarth, N.D. several years ago. My father was a railroad engineer and my mother was a Flor family member- Evelyn (Flor) Culp. Most of our Flor family members are now gone, but I can remember how much fun it was to be living in Marmarth and being so close to all of our Flor cousins. Marmarth was a great place to live for the few short years that I had lived there. We left Marmarth in the summer of ’48 and I graduated from Mobridge High School with the class of ’52. If anyone whom I might know, reads this, then by all means send an e-mail to me and let me know if you remember me. My e-mail address is and of course my name is Shirley Ann (Culp) Lutz

    1. Hi I am doing genealogy research for Marmarth. My grandfather lived in Marmarth from 1908ti1915 when he left to go to Illinos. Trying to find if anyone might have known him. His name is Leonard Moomeyy and his wife was grace His son Wesley was my father. All help is appreciated. My email is


  3. I am originally from the northeastern corner of ND (Osnabrock) but pass through the southeast area from Montana to Mott, ND, regularly. I think the next time I do, I will look up Marmarth. So sad to see a town slowly disappear like this one is doing.

  4. I was born in Bowman but raised in Marmarth, and must say it was a great place to grow up. Probably as pretty a place you have ever seen when the fall frost paints the (CITY OF TREES) a brilliant yellow and holds them in the gentile curves of the soft flowing Little Missouri River.

    Marmarth was a rugged cowtown turned railroad town but it’s heart will always be wild nestled in the rugged buttes of the badlands, and once they cast their spell on you you will always return from time to time for another look. The boarded buildings and vacant main street may bring a little tear to your eye and make you think of bygone days but the vibrance of the Dakota spirit and the wildness of rugged badlands is as vibrant as ever.

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