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Goodbye to an Icon

The home pictured here is the former home of the Opp family in Lincoln Valley, ND. Lincoln Valley was the first really inspiring true ghost town we ever visited in North Dakota. We spent hours trudging around in waist-high grass (got covered in wood ticks in the process), taking photos of what remains of this town. And we used a combination of cameras.

When we went back and looked at our photos, we found this one iconic image staring back at us. The Opp house, in the middle of a beautiful golden field in fall. It was captured on a cheap five megapixel digital camera. For those unschooled in pixel-talk, that essentially means that this photo has limited potential as a print, because it’s low resolution. We did not capture an image nearly so beautiful on any of the other cameras we used that day. This photo is it…

For many years, this photo has been (and continues to be) an icon of our website and our passion. This photo singularly personifies all that GND is and aspires to be. So it is with sadness we say, this house is no longer standing.

Carry on ghost town friends.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to an Icon

  1. How sad! I hate to hear that the building is no longer standing. Would love to hear the “rest of the story”…

    Any idea what happened? The weather/elements? Vandalism? Or destruction and future development?

  2. Do you do visits to take pictures? I would like to introduce you to my grandparents’ farm 7 miles West of Monango, ND, It is located near the Wilson Dam in Dickey County. It was the Robert and Bessie Wilson farm. It is a majestic old home that is slowly becoming one with Mother Nature, If you could pay a visit there, I would love seeing her picture on your site. Thank you.

  3. I see you have been to Merricout, ND. My grandparents home is just south and west of Merricout,ND near the Wilson Dam—which was named for my grandparents: Robert and Bessie Wilson.

  4. Dear Ghosts of North Dakota and Susan Cheatley; the home near Merricourt,N.D. known as the Wilson home is indeed a grand old home. I have admired this house since I moved here in 1991. Would have loved to have seen this home in its day. I could post a picture of it now if you would be willing to send me a picture of it when your grandparents lived in it. Thanks and love this site!

  5. Does anyone know the history of this house or have any more pictures? I am doing some family tree research and I am curious if I am related to the owners of the old Opp House. My mom’s maiden name is Opp. Please let me know if you have any info! 🙂

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