Corinth, ND

By / May 17, 2010 / Corinth, ND

Williams County
Inhabited as of 5/10

Corinth is a stellar near-ghost town, northwest of Minot.  We were blown away by Corinth.  Although one of the residents has taken over a portion of the town, Corinth is still fairly intact with lots of original buildings in time-worn condition.

Corinth was founded in 1916 and reportedly had a peak population of 108 around 1920, and although that figure began to dwindle almost immediately, the Post Office stayed open until 1969.  Corinth was an unincorporated town and as a result, there are no reliable census figures to be found.

There are no businesses or services in Corinth, and population could be as low as two or three.


All photos by Troy and Rat, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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Awesome!! Corinth isn’t terribly far from where I live, but I’ve never been through there. Simply amazing pictures!

Adele Spidahl

Beautiful, Sad, Photos. The North Dakota sky still is as beautiful as ever.

Carolyn Fixen

we would ride with my uncle to take grain to Corinth to the elevater :)

Danielle Struckness

My parents still live there, counting them there are 6 people still living in town. The house my great grandparents built is still standing, but I fear not for very much longer. We were just out there tonight to visit. Can’t imagine living there anymore, but It’s great to bring my kids out there and let them run around. Thanks so much for the great pictures!

Susan Jelleberg

These pictures are so amazing – they could have been taken at Gardena, ND, 20 years ago. This is a small town 10 miles south of Bottineau. The schools are almost identical with the same playground equipment, although it was torn down years ago.


I got discharged from the Air Force in Fortuna in June 61,when I headed home to CT. I drove Linda,her Mom and Dad (Tilford) to there daughters home in Ames,Iowa. They were the nicest people,I have since lost contact.

trish short lewis

I grew up around towns like this (Orleans and Northcote, Minnesota, to mention two…) My own hometown is slowly becoming like this. So many memories, so many stories….


Great pictures,

I intend to go out there at some point this summer and do a photo shoot of just the town and with a model as well. Keep an eye out and I’ll post a new folder of pictures at some point on my creative capture imaging place!!!

Big Bob

I talked to the only couple that lives there now so there is only tw0 people that live there


I was in Cornnith last summer and met the people that live there. A friend from Almo knows the family there and took me over to see the town, meet his friends and see what the days gone by were like. The family numbers is three way in the back in the old house, and another family of four just as you drive in. You could spend days and just sit a look and wonder………………… The Ghost of the Past and how many still walk the streets of their former home…………..

Rebecca Dukart

I still live here, great place, quiet, great place for my husband, cats, grandkids and me!!!!


Wow that is just amazing. How do you survive and where is the closest place to buy food and things> How about health services should there be an emergency?

Pat (Salveson) Dawley

I grew up on a farm near Corinth, knew kids from there and went to high school with them in Wildrose. (The school in Corinth was closed by then, but the folks in town used to sponsor parties for the high school kids in the old schoolhouse there on Friday or Saturday nights. Great times!)

Kathy (Gunderson) Konstant

I went thru Corinth on the bus daily to get to school in Wildrose. Used to stop at the grocery store and buy fudge bars when we could talk Alfred ( our bus driver) into stopping! Went to church in the church pictured. Sad how it’s become so abandoned but time marches on I guess.

Brad Anderson

My dad, ken Anderson,grew up in Corinth,and tells me stories but never seen pics til now.definetly need to visit soon, well when the weathers nice.great pics.

Karen Sillerud

Brad, to continue — your grandpa Erling and my mother were brother and sister. We used to go to Corinth a lot to visit your grandparents. We went to school in Wildrose, as did some of your family, Evelyn Fox having graduated from Wildrose High School. I just talked to her on Christmas Day.


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