Bergen, ND

By / May 19, 2010 / Bergen, ND

McHenry County
Inhabited as of 5/10

Bergen is a near-ghost town in McHenry county, just off Highway 52. Bergen is near Balfour and several other towns we’ve photographed.

US Census Data for Bergen
Total Population by Place

1960 – 52
1970 – 24
1980 – 24
2000 – 11
2010 – 7


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Jeff Jacobson

Is that one picture of an old school somebody turned into a shop/house or is it some type of old factory? I’ve always wondered when driving by on the highway.

Cary Anderson

The school was built in the 50’s and closed in the 60’s. It was used as a hog barn-I think in the late 60’s-70’s. I think it’s basically used as a storage/garage type building now. The owner has opened it up for Bergen reuinions in the past.

glenn berland

this is the old schoolhouse where my uncle went to school.dont know when it was closed but was in very bad shape when he started repairing.


Excuse me, but this building was the “new school” built in the mid-1950s until consolidation came through in 1965. I went to school there for 9 years. This was the home of the Bergen Vikings, there was a fierce basketball rivalry between Bergen and Balfour, the next burg going east on Highway 52 and the Soo-Line. We were all two-leggeds who went to school there, so this building was definitely not “first used to house pigs”. After the consolidation, most of us were bussed to Velva and, in hindsight, I think it was the Velva School Board that unloaded the property quickly. Sadly, it was adaptively reused as a hog farm.


My dad was stationed at Minot AFB from 1961-1965. Does anyone remember the Schatz family, they had a farm in Bergen and I used to go stay with them sometimes during summer vacation. I was friends with Colleen and had a huge crush on Danny. We met at a trail ride in Harvey and would then see each other on and off at weekend horse shows and rodeos all over ND. Their parents were so nice, I haven’t been able to find them, Colleen, or Danny’s brother Greg anywhere online, but Danny is now living in Fargo with his family.
Fond memories!

Mark V Haga

As a child I used to roam all over Bergen seen all the old building and remember the school just closed and full of books like they were coming back!The old store was open and grampa taking me there in his old car for candy bar.Great memories of Bergen.
Thanks Mark V. Haga

Paul Orheim

Mark, I spent two summers back in 1962 & 1963 at my uncle’s farm, Lawrence Flatla. I remember the Haga farm very well.


Do you have property or know someone who does? Would like an old house to fix up if possible.


I lived on Second ave does anyone rember the Johnsons Paul was his first name!

Dave Moxness

I graduated from BHS in ’57; classes moved into the new building in Jan. ’55. ( The 1917 building burned on New Years Day, ’54. ) School closed in spring, ’65. Have a brick salvaged from the pile of debris from the old building, by a classmate from ’57.

Cheryl Shaffer

I am Bill and Lottie Hill’s granddaughter, Alzada is my Mom. I just came across this site and was looking around and saw your name. You are Bill and Luella’s son and Marilyn’s brother, right? Hope all is well with you. Would love to hear some about your family and where you live now. I have lost touch with Marilyn too. I remember you quite well from when I was little! Hope to hear from you even though you posted this in 2012!


the white house in the top of the page is not abandoned, there’s and older man who lives there in the summer and goes to florida for the rest of the year. And the white garage is also owned by him, I have always called him Olley


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