Lunds Valley, ND

By / May 30, 2010 / Lunds Valley, ND

Mountrail County
Inhabited as of 5/10

Lunds Valley is one of those towns where we showed up a little too late. There is one original building still standing, plus the grain elevator. Lunds Valley was a rural post office and the population of the town never exceeded 100.

Lunds Valley is sometimes spelled as one word, Lundsvalley.



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All photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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Very nice pictures. Looks like you guys had a good trip! I really like the pictures of Lunds Valley, they’re beautiful but the place makes me feel hauntingly lonely for some reason. Though you say you got there too late, you definitely still managed to capture the feel of the town. There may not be many buildings remaining but the ones that are are at least quite photogenic!! Great job once again!

PS the only thing I’ve been wondering while looking through all your new galleries is this: are you not getting just covered in ticks going through these areas?? I don’t know how it is anywhere else but the ticks are so bad here (Bismarck) that I managed to have one crawling on my pants while on a bike trail IN TOWN! Not fun.

wylora christianson

I have a perfect picture of the school in Lunds Valley as it once stood. If you would like to see the picture I could email it to you.

Vicki Lund Fruetel

I would love to see any other pictures of Lund’s Valley. My dad, Arthur, talked about it when we were kids, but we never visited it. It is significant to my family, since he was there as a child.


My Great Granpa was a Lutheran Minister in Lunds Valley and is buried in the cemetery there along with my Great Granma and Great Aunt. Very cool to see this. I remember my Granma taking me there YEARS ago when I was little during Memorial Weekend – but I cannot remember much about it.

Lunds Valley School «

[…] Posted by ghostsofnorthdakota on May 29, 2010 · Leave a Comment  Wylora Christianson submitted the following photo of the Lunds Valley School as it appeared years ago, long before it burned. To see photos from our visit to Lunda Valley, click here. […]


Guess what?? I live there right now I can see the old LundsValley building right by my house,so people still do live there just to tell you!! I enjoyed the pictures!

Wendy Lund

Laney, My husbands parents and family grew up in Lund’s Valley. They migrated to the west coast about 60 years ago, give or take. How long have you lived there. Do you have many of the old pictures? We have a few in an old album. Would love to communicate with you concerning the exchange of information. Oh, by the way, the family name is of course, Lund.
LOL… please reply to the address if you are interested.

Laney Clark

I have lived in Lund’s Valley my whole life. (So has my Dad) We would love to see any old photos you may have. My family & I love old Lund’s Valley history!

Brenda Fletcher

Can you share any Lunds valley history. My mother was a Lund from that area


The pictures were great…The Lunds Valley School was really a beautiful old structure….with a library! We had Christmas programs performing on the stage…we really worked hard to make those productions memorable…they were to the kids anyway! Thanks for the memories! Looking forward to seeing pix of the old school building. I hauled grain to the elevator! Nothing better than a cold coke in a green glass bottle coming out of a bright red coke machine!!! MEMORIES

Nolan L Grubb

When she was quite young, my Mother, LaVonne Nelson, taught at the Lund’s Valley School. She has talked about it recently.

Kathy Albertson

My father Willard Olsen managed the elevator in Lunds Valley for several years in the 70’s-lots of fond memories of Lunds Valley


I love the pics of my old town the school pics are great the basen sitting by the burned out school building


My grandfather lived there before coming to Washington state. I have a calendar plate from there dated 1929. My maiden name was Lund.


My grandpa’s parents homesteaded in Lunds Valley. My grandma and grandpa (Warren and Dolores Paulson) bought the farm from them and raised their family there. In the 1990’s they retired to Minot. I believe their pasture is just adjacent to the townsite.

I am excited to show this site to my mom and grandma. They will love the pictures.


I believe that my grandma took me into the building that says “Lunds Valley” on it most likely in the mid 1980’s when I was about 6. If my memory is correct, she was helping with an election and that was the local polling place. It had to have been a county election, because Stan Wright (from Stanley) was on the ballot.

Also, my grandpa told me that he once owned land on both sides of the tracks that are shown with someone else owning a chunk of land in between his parcels. They agreed to swap land, so that all of his was together. Their land borders the tracks on the south (on the east side of the townsite).

Lowell L Jensen

I lived in Lunds Valley for a short time when my father, Maurice Jensen and my mother Clarice, ran the general store. I attended the Lunds Valley School for four and a half years in the mid 1940,s. In about 1947 my father moved the store to Stanley and I started fifth grade there. I have many fond memories of Lunds Valley and the surrounding area. Before moving to Lunds Valley we lived on my grandfather’s homestead southeast of town. I have many fond memories of the area and would like to go back there and drive through this summer. I now live in Bismarck and spend winters in Mesa, AZ.

JJ Nelson

I remember going to Lunds Valley and my Dad would get me a Coke out of the old machine in the Elevator. I also remember Maurice Jensen but not from when he was in Lunds Valley. Ha. Very nice people. My Grandma used to work at his store in Stanley.

Lowell Jensen

I remember your grandmother working in dad’s store. It must be 35 or so years ago. My dad had the best selection of candy in town and even now I run into people who bought candy from him or received a free bag when they paid their bills. Those were the “good old days.” Lowell L Jensen


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