Carbury, ND

Carbury, ND

Bottineau County
Inhabited as of 6/10

Thank you to Miranda Schuler of Upload Photography for contributing these photos of Carbury. Her comments: Carbury is SW of Souris ND and your typical small rail town that has withered away since the rail was pulled up. I would guess there are maybe 5-6 families still living there. The whole town is heavily posted with no tresspassing signs, so I didn’t venture out much. There was what appeared to be an old store that is in good condition, but I believe it has been converted into a home or hobby shop and I didn’t take photos because the dogs that lived there were not really excited I was there.

Carbury never boomed, having a peak population of 50 people in 1920. In 1980, the population was listed as 5. An interesting side note – Carbury was originally intended to be named Roth, but due to a mixup, the signs were switched and never corrected.


Photos by Miranda Schuler, copyright Upload Photography.

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  1. Carbury is actually southeast of Souris (putting it between Souris and Bottineau). I seem to remember a couple elevators in that area when I was growing up in that part of ND. That town probably hit its peak about the time the Otter Tail Power company built a transmission line west from Bottineau through Carbury in late 1935 to connect to a small power company then serving Souris, wiring up Carbury in the process.

  2. I grew up just south of Carbury. We would walk there sometimes during the summer. Some of the families that lived there were Elmer and Millie Lindstrom who were our bus drivers for years. Johnny Shleton and some of his family also lived there. Not sure as to who owns the property there.

  3. I have a old picture of Fredrik and Karen Guttu Farm in Carbury in 1915. I was wondering who I can send it to post on here. They are my great-great grandparents.

    1. Jodi, my father, George D Guttu, is the son of Mathias and Clara Guttu, and Fredrik was Mathias’ uncle. If you have that picture would like to show it to dad, 86 this month.

    2. Fredrik and Karen are my great grandparents. Would love to see the photo you have. My grandfather was Olaf.

  4. I use to ride my horse over to Carbury, it was about 9 miles south west of Bottineau. It was a good days ride there and back. Looked the same then.

  5. Carbury was a great town. Thats were I would go for 2 weeks during the summer to mu great uncles house. My aunt Millie would make lemonade for us. I miss the summers in Carbury. I may visit this spring.

  6. Hello James, My name is Leslie Guttu, I am a greatgrandson of Fredrick,and grandson of Sigvold Guttu. I have visited the old farm. If you received that picture from Jodi, I would sure like a copy. Please reply by e-mail. a long lost relative, Les

  7. I love theses photos! My grandparents Johnny & Gladys Rosberg lived in Carbury from 1931-1942 & my great grandparents Olai & Olise Hegg lived there from 1912-1958. My dad was born in Carbury & has a lot of fond memories of the town. When I visit my parents in ND we typically will visit Carbury for old times sake. Thank you for recognizing Carbury!

  8. Granddaughter of Milo and Christine Shelton, spent many July 4th’s out on the railroad tracks and Many Christmas’s in Carbury with wonderful Family that I Miss!! – most magical place in the world xx

  9. My Grandparents, Jens and Anna Lund, had a from somewhere around Carbury. My father Olaf was born on that farm. Years later my grandparents moved to Bottineau

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