Karnak, ND

Thank you to Dustin Person for contributing these photos of Karnak. Dustin’s comments:

Karnak is in southern Griggs County, south of Cooperstown. It had only one house/farm, so population less than 5. The elevator is still being used. There is a school house, and a couple of abandoned buildings that were kind of tough to get close to. The “Streets” were grass covered, as shown in the pictures. The large house/farm pictured is located just northwest of the town site.

Photos by Dustin Person. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media

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  1. Matt Gelvin says:

    Are there any homes in the direct area that are inhabited? Or is the whole area with the vacant buildings abandoned?

  2. Dustin says:

    There is one house in Karnak that was occupied, it was just west of the school. Otherwise, there wasn’t anything else there, besides the elevator and the abandoned buildings.

  3. diane peterson says:

    Many years ago I lived in Karnak/I went to school there for 1 year=that should tell how old i am!!! We lived in the back of an old store/post office or bank what ever it was. We had a big old tomcat that fell down into an elevator pit & a mann named Bob Mathias rescued him much to are delight. A few names I rember are KERBERS & HAUGEN?? Long time ago Thanks for the pictures & the memories!~!!!

    • Marla Fogderud says:

      The Kerbers and Haugens still live all around that area! I grew up about 3 miles SW of Karnak myself. When I was in elementary school in the 80s, the elevator man and the 2nd man (Bob Pickar and the other’s last name was Cadwalader) both had kids in school, so the bus stopped in Karnak every day. We moved away in 1987, and at that time a different elevator man (Mike Gehringer was his name, I believe)
      had taken over–they had 3 little kids, so the bus was still stopping there then.

  4. My grandfather had a store in Karnak, in the 1920’s. My mother was born there on March 16, 1927, to Joseph and Emma (Steffenson) Banna. “Grandpa Joe” as we knew him also went by Joseph Marby and, in addition to his store, travelled the area peddling his goods. Joe Banna came to the U.S. at age 15 from what was then Beruit, Syria (before Lebanon became a country). His real name was Kamil Mohamed Hussein Al Maghrabi. My mother, Lila K. Roggenbuck, died March 30, 2011, at Minot, ND. She was the second of seven children. One brother died in childhood. All of the other siblings are now in their 70’s and 80’s.

  5. The white school house is where my brother, Roger and Sister, Barbara Ann attended. They would ride their horses to get there. The story that they told was it had only one room where all of the students were together.

    • diane peterson says:

      I REMEMBER YOUR BROTHER /SISTER & YOUR MOTHER=Delores.We lived down the road from your place before we moved into Karnak, I also went to that school. CAN’T BELIEVE IT IS STILL STANDING!! Yes it was one room=one teacher for all the grades=pot belly stove up front=out house out back & we had to sit 2 in a desk.

  6. Darcy Kerber says:

    Dustin Thanks for the pictures ..

  7. diane peterson says:

    I LIVED IN karnak many years ago=went to 1st. grade there=could that be the school still standing??

  8. brandon gehringer says:

    i lived in karnak from 1981 to 1988 the i went to school in hannaford. I remember there were 3 familys there with a population of 9 people. We used to live in a mobile home across the tracks from the elevator, i’ve heard its no longer there. One of these days i will make it back. also thanks for the memories.

  9. I am looking for old pictures of karnak- circa-1920’s I own the elevator here- we are still in business. karnak grain closed in 1996, and we bought it in 2000 and reopened as general grain. Troy and Jill Haugen live here also. Dennis Haugen.

    • Dan Roggenbuck says:

      I have two old photos of buildings in Karnak. One is of an old store and was taken in 1962. The store itself is much older than the date of the photo. The other photo is of a church with a house in the background. I don’t know when the second photo was taken but the development style (printed “frame” around the photo and rounded corners) looks like it may be from the 30s or 40s. I will share them if anyone is interested.

  10. Naomi Fogderud Wawers says:

    I grew up a few miles away from Karnak and rode the bus every day past it to school in Hannaford. We had a chair in our home growing up that came from the Karnak bank. Very cool memories!

  11. Chas. Anderson says:

    I just found a mechanical pencil from Karnak, ‘J. J. HOGNESS, GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

  12. There was a Congregational church in Karnack in the 1920’s it is now in Sibley… The website I linked has information you may want to copy about abandoned churches that may or may not still exist mostly in Barnes County, the church that has the website no longer maintains the page and someday it and its information will disappear.

  13. Ailene says:

    How old is the home? Do you know who the original owners were? My 2nd great-grandfather (Magnus Magnuson) farmed there.

  14. Ben Johnson says:

    I grew up down the road a pice from the karnak grain. I went to school in Karnak. I miss the town a lot. I had just found old pics of

  15. Ben Johnson says:

    Karnak and wish to have them put online Karnak was the best place to grow up Everyone knew everyone the bank was the best service no one asked for id they knew who you were

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