Sydney, ND

Sydney, ND

Sydney is semi-famous for appearing on the Today Show, May 1st, 1998, in a piece that compared Sydney, North Dakota to Sydney, Australia. The last reported population was 2. Dustin Person sends in these photos with the following comments:

Sydney is about 10 miles south of Jamestown on highway 281, then 3 miles west on a gravel county road. It is basically nothing but a farm there, but then to the east of the farm is the elevator structure, and right next to that is the abandoned house. And back in the distance is the other building. Sydney is posted as private property. You can also see that next to the elevator, there would have been rail running (same rail as Millarton as Sydney is straight north of there). Interesting house and elevator building though.

Photos by Dustin Person. Original content copyright SonicTremor Media

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  1. I lived in Sydney from the time I was born to the age of 6. My father was the elevator manager until it closed down. I would love to see pictures of the house where we lived. If anyone has some recent pictures please post for me. Thank you.

    Kathy Dobson

  2. I took those pics of Sydney, and that is all that is left, except for an inhabited house just to the west of the elevator, that may be the one you were talking about.

  3. Both of my Grandparents were raised near Sydney; their families moved from Iowa and Wisconsin in the early 1900’s, and both families moved out of the area in the 1920’s, however, my Grandparents had met and married by that point. I believe that both Sydney and Millarton were on the Midland Continental Railroad, which ran from Edgeley to Wimbledon. The railroad went bankrupt in the 1960’s, which led to the demise of many of the smaller towns along it. If I recall correctly, Sydney was the site of the consolidated township school, and had at least a couple of churches, and I believe that my Grandmother, Mabel Reimers Frederick, worked at the local phone company prior to her marriage.

    1. Unsure if anyone can help me in my genealogy “quest”, but I remain hopeful. My grandmother Ethel Tomlinson and her 3 siblings are listed in a 1922 Stutsman County, ND School Census as attending a school in Sydney. She was 13 at the time. I wonder if anything is left of that school. Thanks.
      ~Lawrence da Silva

  4. I am a graduate of Sydney Grade School. We lived on the farm across the road from the school.
    The Post Office and a store were still in the town in the early 1960s.
    Don P.

    1. Ernest Tesky. If you managed a KFC in Ft Collins, Gary C.,a co-worker and old friend would like to get in touch with you Please contact me, Jean Johnson, via Facebook. Old friends…NO BS….

      1. My face book would be easier to find than yours… do you know how many Jean Johnsons there are…lol.. my home email is Work is I’m living just outside of Atlanta… Stockbridge GA. … Oh… yes I lived in Ft. Collins 1973-1977… Cori Schmoker is 39… and Jeramie Tesky is 37… both live in/near Jamestown, ND.

  5. My grandfather Darwin Bucknam farmed about three miles west of Sydney from 1912 to 1936. My father Steve Bucknam his son used to haul grain from their farm with a team of six horses to the Sydney elevator. We still own the families’ home in Jamestown ND. We have visited Sydney many times over the years. I remember visiting the site when there were more buildings at the town site and the rail line was still in back in the 1950’s.

    Steve Bucknam
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  6. I’m Bob Bergman, born in a rented farmhouse about a mile East of Sydney, October 1941. We moved to my maternal grandfather’s farm near Cayuga, ND in the fall of 1942. I stopped by Sydney in June of 1990 and located a small group of trees in the middle of a grain field that I supposed was the location of the farmstead. Three of our 5 children graduated from college, two went on for Master’s degrees and one to her Doctorate in Linguistics. We were scattered all over the world at one point, but now live in Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico and Alabama.

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