Nortonville, ND

Nortonville, ND

Dustin Person contributed these photos of Nortonville, ND. Dustin’s comments:

“Nortonville is about 25 miles south of Jamestown just off highway 281. It does have quite a few kept up houses, with a population around 20. I believe the only business there is Solinger Lumber.”

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  1. The photo of the orange building with the bike in front is of the former Leos Lanes and Lounge. The lanes behind the building were torn down long ago. I spent many days and nights as a kid there watching my parents bowl and buying 15 cent candy bars and pop in the bottle.

    1. Yes this building was the hot spot for Nortonville for long time. My Uncle was LEO and cousins and I spent a lot of time in there when we could.

  2. I have been to Nortonville and was stunned by the lumber yard there that is in business. Of all the things that would be a last surviving business in a small town! What’s the scoop with them still sticking it out? That must be a tough market….I am sure it’s handy to the area residents when they need it, but being so close to a regional city like Jamestown would make it tough.

  3. I see the gym where we played pee wee basketball. That’s the white building with the red trim. It was like playing in a barn. This would have been when I was in 5th/6th grade back in the early to mid 70s. I had no idea where Nortonville was. We kids got a great kick out of that old gym though.

    1. I also remember playing pee wee basketball in that gym in the mid 60s. I lived in Montpelier at that time. Great memories.

  4. The yellow house with the fuel oil tank by the side was my great Uncles. I remember playing on the playground at the school.

  5. My Great-Grandparents had the Nortonville Post Office in the basement of their home until sometime in the early to mid 90’s. My Grandparents still live right around the corner from these buildings. Thank you for these pictures, they bring back so many memories.

    1. My grandparents were originally from Nortonville, ND at the turn of the century and into the 40’s. I’ve just gotten the bug to look up info about the family and have hit a dead end. If your grandparents are still around could you give me their address so I can ask them if they know anything about my family?


  6. Great pictures of Nortonville! I would however, like to correct the comment on how many people live in town. There are at least fifty…and many more in the rural area who still call Nortonville HOME! Nortonville is celebrating our 100th Anniversary this year…. Yes! We are having a Grand Celebration on July 21st of 2012. Come and enjoy the day and see what people in a small community can do to Celebrate our Great Little Town!

  7. My class was the 1st class to graduate from Nortonville High School in 1960
    in the School Gym. The concert floor had not yet been poured.
    JoAn P. (H)

  8. May I say that Wimbledon was not the only town Peggy Lee spent her childhood – I believe she sang in the Nortonville auditorium, where her family resided earlier.

  9. My grandmother Orianna Miracle Barnick owned the general store and pool hall in Nortonville. I spent many summers there. All of the Barnick’s that still live in the area are from the same Barnick family.

    Connie Hicks Mazerov (daughter of Laura Barnick)

  10. I have many great memories growing up in Nortonville and my parents still live there as does many of my friends I grew up with. I took my kids there many times as they were growing up so they could see what a great life it is growing up in a small town. Greg Solinger and Richard Lamp even had a yearly golf tourney which my son and his friends still talk about. The Centennial celebration was awesome this summer and took a lot of work from the people who live there and my hats off for their dedication and efforts so all of us could come back and enjoy the weekend. It will always be home to me.

  11. I grew up on a dairy farm at Marion, North Dakota in the 1960’s. My only tie to Nortonville is that my sister once dated a boy from there. And, I think perhaps our schools may have played basketball? I am going through things that belonged to my parents and I found a small desk top thermometer advertising Solinger’s Lumber Yard. Evidently my father did some business there. I searched online and found this nice link. Barbara Bowen Brown

  12. The yellow house with the fuel oil tank was my grandparents house. I miss Nortonville, Haven’t been back since I was 13/ 14 . Really sad considering I’ll be the big 50 in November.

  13. My parents came to Nortonville in 1956 as they were sponsored by farmer there. My parents spoke only German. My brother was about 16 months old and I was born there in April of that year. I have often wished for information on my first home. We lived there less than a year, and moved to Chicago, IL. Our last name was Ciupke. If anyone knew us, I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you!

  14. My mother Geraldine Job attended the Nortonville school and they live on the Job farm about 2 miles east of Nortonville which is just off of highway 281. We went to the Nortonville 75th Jubilee in 1987 which was great. My Grandparents Ludwig Job (from Streeter, ND) and my Grandmother Magda Job (Egerdahl from Gackle, ND) lived on the Job farm since the early 1940’s and raised most of their 11 children there. My Uncles Roger and Leroy Job still live on the farm today in which family goes home every year to visit. We would always ride our bikes to Nortonville and my mother remembers the roller/ice skating rink that she would go to when she was young. Good memories for all… If anyone has any information on the Job and/or Egerdahl family surnames. Please forward any commentary. Thanks!

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