Urbana, ND

Urbana, ND

Dustin Person contributed these photos of Urbana. Dustin’s comments:

“There are 3 houses/farms, an abandoned school house, and an elevator that make up Urbana. Population is less than 10. It is located 3 miles north of I-94 about 15 miles east of Jamestown. The school house looks to be kept up. The bridge is just east of Urbana, between Urbana and Eckelson.”

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  1. The school looks to be in pretty good shape for an abandoned building. I am always curious about who takes care of these buildings, or at the very least, mows the yards, etc. Does anyone have an idea?

    1. In some cases town residents do the mowing, Sharon, but something not a lot of people know… the climate on the drift prairie is not conducive to many kinds of plant life in general. Some places, the grass doesn’t grow much taller than a couple of inches whether anybody mows or not. A more extreme example is the lack of trees in some of these places… for instance, in Omemee, there are hardly any trees left because the trees planted by former residents died when there was no longer a town to support them with their water.

    2. The school house is owned and maintained by the township. My house is to the left of the elevator and my brother is on the township board

    3. My husband and I live south east of Urbana, ND. My husband is on the Eckelson township board and Eckelson township owns and maintains the building. It received a new roof last summer. The yard is maintain by Richard Amann from Eckelson. In March the township meeting and election is held there, and the equalization meeting in April is also held there. It is a very unique building.

      1. wendy-

        can you take any interior pictures of the schoolhouse next time you have a meeting, I would
        be interested in seeing what it looks like on the inside.

    4. If I am not mistaken my Great Great Grandfather takes care of the school. He lives in Eckelson and takes care of many of the surrounding area buildings. I am not a 100% sure though.

  2. As a resident of Urbana, Illinois, population around 40k, it’s neat to see our sister “city: in ND. Honestly there are days when Urbana ND looks allot more appealing!

    The school does look well cared for, but I’d be too afraid Nellie Olsen’s ghost would pull my hair or something 🙂

  3. According to the Barnes County History book, Urbana was named after Urbana, Illinois. It never amounted to more than a store, depot, elavator, school and some homes – not allot more than it is now.

  4. My family was some of the first settlers there. Their name is Creighton. They later settled in Spiritwood. Now they are just names on the headstones in Spiritwood Cemetery

  5. Hi,

    I lived in this store with my parents John and Lila Peterson from 1949 to 1957. The store sold all kinds of groceries as well as the Texaco gas and oil. I attended the one room Urbana school for grades one through seven. There was one teacher and she stayed in the store with us. The house at the far left of the picture belonged to “Grandma Hayes”. She would come to the well by the store every day to get water. If you want to know more, you can contact me at ross18peterson@yahoo.com.

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