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By / February 14, 2011 / Danzig, ND

McIntosh County
Inhabited as of 6/10

A few buildings are all that remain of the town that was once Danzig.

In the extreme south central part of the state, Danzig is about halfway between Ashley and Wishek, southwest of Jamestown. The first Post Office was established in 1898 but it closed due to lack of development in 1903. During a brief boom, a Post Office was opened again in 1911. It closed in 1955. Danzig’s population never exceeded 100

These photos were contributed by Jeff Baumann. Jeff’s comments: “There are 2 people living there now – Brian Dohn and his wife. He was very kind to let me take pictures last June. The only structures that are still standing are the Bank, 2 Grain elevators and I believe the lumber mill.”

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adjective: abandoned

1. having been deserted or cast off.

verb: abandon

1. cease to support or look after; desert.

2. leave (a place or vehicle) empty or uninhabited, without intending to return.

3. condemn someone or something to (a specified fate) by ceasing to take an interest in or look after them.

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Deanna Lynn

On the google earth photo, what are the squiggly lines in the pasture-like area on the center/right side? Also wondering if that is a motocross track near the top of that photo? You don’t give a geographic for Danzig. In what part of ND is it…or was it?


It is a dirt bike track. I saw squiggly lines too. I’ll have to remember to ask my dad what he did! :). Danzig is located south of Wishek. South central ND.

Dash Riprock

A little further info I found on Danzig from Mcintosh County history –

“DANZIG: This little town was started in 1908. It is about in the center of the county and is half-way between Ashley and Wishek. It was a booming little town with a population of about 240 people in the 1940s. The town’s demise came about the time when the more modern automobile could take the residents to nearby towns to conduct their business. The post office was closed in 1955 and the school was closed in 1958. A few remaining buildings are in disrepair and will soon crumble and that will be the end of this little town”

About 3 cemteries are listed for Danzig, but no specific locations given. It had several churches and seemed to be a more substantial town than many ghosts..

Donna Eszlinger

I remember when I was in the 7th grade @ Ashley School , our class along with the 8th grade class went to Danzig for a end of school year picnic. We played base ball, and toured all the buildings at that time.. We were allowed to go into the post office, it had all the little mail boxes, with the combination dials, the bank, a saloon, had the counter still in tact, dont remember what else, but we had an awsome time there, just exploring all the old buidings, had a picnic lunch of hot dogs, and trimmings, and just being out in the open space of Danzig.. Such memories..


My mother was born in Danzig, 1918, lived in Ashley, then went west to California. she’s still living, at almost 93 years old. I’m going to share this website with her. Thanks so much.


Does your mother have any memories of a baseball team in Danzig. Does she have any pictures?

Perry Schlagel

Hi Cindy,
My mother Otillia Pfeifle was born in 1917 on a farm very near to Danzig She passed away in 2006, but also had 4 siblings who moved to CA in the 1940’s & 50’s. They settled in Lodi & San Jose. The house she grew up in is still standing, but most of the roads are under water. I believe it is just west of Danzig, a rock house & the last time we were there, we had to walk about 1/2 mile from the north to get to it.
Hope to hear from you.

Raven Danzig

I plan to check this place out this Mid-May. My friends and I have a keen interest in ghost towns and this town gave me a personal interest.

Kris Kemmet

When I was little, my family would go to Danzig every summer to go through the buildings. We found papers from our family members. I wish I knew who had them. I was told that my great grandfather was the banker.(don’t know if this is true). My grandmother went to Danzig school but eventually settled in Wishek. Love seeing the pics. I heard that someone had bought the place and wouldn’t let anyone on.

Clarence A "Butch" Johnson

My father, Clarence E. Johnson, was born in Danzig on Oct. 14th, 1911 to Albert Johnson and Oline. Fonstad Johnson. They later moved to Lehr, ND where they owned and operated the Johnson Café. Clarence had three bothers, Henry,Art,,, and the youngest brother Robert, and I believe one sister who died while still very young.In those days every town had their own town band and Danzig,Lehr, and Wishek was no exception. Dad and his brothers were all in the band and they played engagements throughout the local area.He says they frequently crossed paths with the Lawrence Welk band when they first got started.

Darlene Devereaux

This was so interesting, it brought back many memories. My grandparents name was Wolf and they ran the train depot in Danzig for many years. I remember staying there for the summer and playing with siblings and cousin who lived on a farm there. My aunt was one on the first teachers there, I remember going and helping her get the old school house ready. My grandpa would get the mail from the train. My mom, Emelia Wolf was raised there. We use to travel from Napoleon for Thanksgiving..

Megan Dollinger

I had grandparents by the name of Wolf that were from Danzig, one being an Emelia.

Darlene Devereaux

Emelia Wolf(schuchard) was my mother. She past away 3 years ago in Bismarck. Dollinger rings a bell. My brothers are Darold and Lyle and a sister Gloria

Megan Dollinger

My grandparents were Lenhardt & Edna Ritter. My mom was born in Danzig. “Dollingers” were from Ashley.

Darlene Devereaux

Yes, your grandmother was EDna, my moms sister, She made my wedding cake. Your mom is Karma? She was an attendant at my wedding. We lost contact years ago. Now it is all fitting together.

Jane Giedt-Kirby

My father’s farm was one-half mile west of Danzig, ND. I attended the first and second grade in the school located in Danzig, which later became the golf club house, in Ashley, ND.

I remember riding along with my Dad to take grain to the elevator located in Danzig.

I also remember a trip, on the Soo Line, for all of the students who attended school in Danzig, to Wishek, ND, where we were met by our teacher, Mrs. Krien.

Great Memories!

Brian Parkinson

Does anyone know who now owns the property where the grain elevators sit? I am interested in buying some of the old equipment inside, if there is still anything left. If anyone has any information, you can reach me at (262) 313-8864. Thanks!


Hello Brian, You might ask your question at the facebook page: German-Russian Country: Prairie Legacy (Tri-County Tourism Alliance). That page is specific to the three counties of Emmons, Logan and McIntosh, i.e., German-Russian County, and will likely be seen by someone who can give you an answer.


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