Balfour in Winter

Balfour in Winter

Ria Cabral sent a few winter shots of Balfour. See more of her work at To see photos from our trip to Balfour, click here.

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10 thoughts on “Balfour in Winter

  1. So loved these pictures from Balfour….my hometown which I graduated from in 1973…the picture of the church is where I was confirmed….thank you…..

  2. I lived in Balfour for a short time in the 1950’s. I was pretty young- somewhere between 4-6 yrs old. my dad Wes Sjol worked as a bartender there. I took a picture of the church when i was thee in 2006. the only place i recognized.

  3. My mom grew up in Balfour. Her parents were Inor and Jurgina Ellingson. I guess if any name to be remembered it would be Virgil Ellingson. I think mostly they used Drake!

  4. My father, Gordon Westford, had a contract to tear down an old school in McHenry County sometime around 1957 or 1958…It may have been the school pictured in Balfour. Not sure, but we had some of the old wooden desks for many years later.

  5. Balfour has so many memories for me. School days in the late 1950’s were so much fun. We had good basketball teams and went to lots of games. Remember how we “young” kids used to congregate at Ulrich’s or Strube’s house (summertime) and from there play cops and robbers on our bikes or some other game or just sit and talk. Remember Weidler’s Café and working there for Alice – where has the time gone? Hello everyone from Balfour, remember your roots. 🙂

  6. My mom taught school at Balfour back in the mid 60’s I believe it was first or second grade not sure, they lived in Voltaire where my dad ran the elevator at the time and I had already left home (grew up in Bowbells
    where my dad had an elevator )but I recall her talking about how much she enjoyed the kids there. Her name was Florence Neuenschwander I have so enjoyed this website have found several ghost towns to look at.

  7. My grandparents, Orville and Florence Aanrud, married and were laid to rest at this church. My parents were also married here. I have to go back “home” every so often, to check on the church and the old farm. I LOVE it there!!! I wish I could live in their old house and once again attend church service. Its my peace place!

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