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By / April 22, 2011 / Merricourt, ND

We visited Merricourt in May of 2005.  At the time the population was one or two residents.  These are additional photos from our archive, taken during that visit. To see our main Merricourt gallery, click here.

This brick elevator is the only one we’ve encountered in the entire state.  It leans a little bit, but it is still standing tall.

We don’t know what used to be here, but all that remains is the chimney.

The former First State Bank of Merricourt.  It was also the bar at one time.

All photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media

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brenda bowman

i hate to see all of these house go to ruin! if those walls could talk!!

john steinwand

My dad , Richard Steinwand , grew up on the farm just outside of the town . I visted the farmstead it was pretty kool . would like to buy a piece of history if there is any property there for sale cheap
John W Steinwand
11726 N 188th cir
Bennington 68007
402 238 3379

Sara Woner

We love Merricourt! My boyfriend has been hunting in Edgeley since he was old enough to use a gun, and he has taken me around to Merricourt and Monango several times. Such cool, amazing history there, I just love it. But something really creepy did happen to us my first time there though.. We had parked the car in front of the bank and were walking the streets, when we turn a corner and hear a really loud creepy shriek! We looked at each other and got a really eerie spine-tingling feeling, I will never forget it. And then when we did get back to our car, we couldn’t get it to start, it would try turning over and just wouldn’t start! My boyfriend did finally get it started after a good 10 minutes and we were really freaked and ready to get out of there. What a trip that day was.. But we have gone back since and went into the upstairs and the basement of the city hall. Really cool building upstairs!!, but the mold smell in the basement was unbearable. Well I just had to share my tidbits of Merricourt! Keep it up, you guys are the BEST :)


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