Aylmer, ND

Pierce County
Inhabited as of 5/11

Sara Schindler of Harvey contributed these photos of Aylmer with the following comments:

Aylmer sits about 40 miles south/southwest of Rugby ND (or just northeast of Anamoose ND) along the Burlington Northern Railroad.  It is currently home to two residents.  Aside from the residence, there sits a former general store (the larger building), a garage or storage shed, an abandoned home, and another building that was possibly some kind of blacksmith or other repair shop (there are also a few grain bins and a large machine shed).  The general store building has moved off it’s foundation and the basement is filled with water so probably won’t stand much longer.


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6 Responses to “Aylmer, ND”
  1. brenda bowman says:

    oh so old! i can almost picture these building back in the 1880’s when they were painted and new!!

  2. S Felchle says:

    Great pictures! This was on my list to visit!

  3. Nancy Vannatta says:

    Wow, I grew up only 3 miles from there and spent many nights in the house…

    • Nancy vannatta says:

      That is my house! We lived there until 1980. What should be done with it? Tear it down???

      Kathy & Woody Selzler

      • Corinne Engen says:

        I lived here until sometime in the second grade. I have lots of memories of us kids growing up in this house that seems huge in my memories. The picture with the green walls was bedroom for me and my 2 younger sisters.

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