Erie, ND

Cass County
Inhabited as of 5/11

Erie is a small near-ghost town in Cass County, about 45 minutes northwest of Fargo.  We visited Erie during a trip to nearby Brewer Lake, also known as Erie Dam State Recreation area due to the small earthen dam which created Brewer Lake.  It’s a very nice, out-of-the-way campground that gets little traffic if you’re looking for a nice little spot to relax.

This is the now-vacant Erie State Bank building.

This is the earthen dam at Brewer Lake, about three minutes drive from Erie.

Photos by Troy, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

3 Responses to “Erie, ND”
  1. dash says:

    That is an awesome bank! It looks cared for – is it used for anything?

  2. Scott says:

    I am hoping to see more of Erie ND….. I live close to Erie PA….

  3. Deanne Clemens says: you have any photos of the homes in Erie? I recently acquired a stained glass window from the McGovern home there.

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