Erie, ND

Erie, ND

Erie is a small near-ghost town in Cass County, about 45 minutes northwest of Fargo.  We visited Erie during a trip to nearby Brewer Lake, also known as Erie Dam State Recreation area due to the small earthen dam which created Brewer Lake.  It’s a very nice, out-of-the-way campground that gets little traffic if you’re looking for a nice little spot to relax.

This is the now-vacant Erie State Bank building.

This is the earthen dam at Brewer Lake, about three minutes drive from Erie.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Troy Larson is an author, photographer, gentleman adventurer (debatable) from Fargo, North Dakota, and co-founder of Ghosts of North Dakota. @NorthDakotaTroy

16 thoughts on “Erie, ND

    1. I live in Erie, ND. I actually remember the pictures being taken of the bank and the old gas station. I wish I knew what it was for, as I could have shown the old school remains, the old school stuff, the old buildings, ect. 2 of the original houses in Erie, as I live in 1, also the last remaining church here. The Erie cemetery, the Erie Park, Erie post office/community center/VFW hall. There is a lot of old stuff on display in the community center. This is such a GREAT place to live, everyone here is amazing, and there is so much history that gets erased forever every year. There were 3 churches at one time in Erie. There was a bar, a school, a store, more houses, but a lot of them got torn down. The buildings get run down and we wanted to beautify the town. There is ALOT more to see if you know where to look.

  1. you have any photos of the homes in Erie? I recently acquired a stained glass window from the McGovern home there.

  2. Erie is my hometown…a lot of good, innocent memories float around the emty streets. I’m sure in fifty years it’ll just be a wheat field but, one time, we were there!

  3. The bank has been maintained as a museum of sorts. I believe it is opened for viewing on Memorial Day when there is usually a gathering of residents and former residents of Erie. Some old photos are available. I haven’t been back for Memorial Day for a number of years…correct me if it has changed. The history of the people and the land is amazing as the story of any small town. I grew up in Erie for the first thirteen years of my life and would love to move back. I stopped through recently and caught large mouth bass and a yellow perch. Great place to camp at the lake. On the south side, arrowheads have been found as it was a campsite for Sioux tribes. I have tried looking into some interest from the Heritage Society but never received a reply.

  4. I grew up on a farm just north of Erie. Was around when the dam was built. Used the businesses in Erie a lot as farmers.
    I believe the McGovern family is related to me on my moms side. Might be able to track down some pics of Erie in the 60s/70s or earlier.
    Lots of memories growing up.

  5. I moved to Erie in 1994, raised my 4 children there!! Great place to live, and raise children! Out of the hustle and bustle, but nothing to far away. My house is now up for sale, 4 BR 2 bath and much more!

    1. Hello Marie,
      Is your house on Nelson Street? I have been looking at this house and talking to a realtor. I have fallen in love with the house and what I have seen in town. I truly love the information and history that I have read on this page. I have 3 kids and I personally feel this town would be a great place to raise my family.

      1. My grandparents owned the house on Nelson Street when I was growing up – it was a labor of love. They put a ton of work into it, and I would spend my summers there as kid/pre-teen. I grew up in Minneapolis so getting a taste of the country life was the coolest, best memories I have. The house use to be in much better shape, it was beautiful, a big porch swing, beautiful woodwork. It hasn’t been kept up, and looks pretty terrible now, which is a shame. But, it could be restored to it’s original beauty with the right owner. It has a cool history as well. My best memories are from that town – riding horses, biking to the lake, running through corn fields, driving when I was 12, playing with the local kids -we even put on a talent show for the whole town! And we were outside ALL the time, something kids rarely do now.
        Unfortunately, my grandfather got sick while up there and passed away so they had to sell the house. Still wish we could have kept it in the family.

  6. I used to live in Erie and it is a great little town. I have never seen them open the bank building up to the public. There is a lot of history and buildings/houses from back in the day.

  7. I went to one year of high school in Erie. I love the people from Erie and the surrounding area as they are genuine and very accepting. I was raised on a farm about seven miles from Erie. I still return to Erie to see treasured friends whenever I return to North Dakota.

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