Mapes, ND

Nelson County
Inhabited as of 6/11

Kyle Stubbs contributed theses photos of Mapes with the following comments:  Mapes is in north-central Nelson County, just off of Highway 2. Currently there appears to be one farm and maybe a total of two inhabited homes at Mapes, the rest are vacant.


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  1. Carla (Wimer) Horsager says:

    I remember attending many wedding dances at the Mapes Hall — good times!!

  2. Deanna Lynn says:

    My old great aunt lived there way back when. She is long gone to her reward. I remember, when we would drive down #2, there was a “car park” south of the highway in a grove of trees. The trees are still there and an old farm house. Imagine having to stop on the side of the road to stay in a little “Vacation” cabin, cause you couldn’t drive down the gravel roads to the next town…with your skinny tires. (think Grapes of Wrath) Sure would love it if someone had pics of that place

  3. Thank you for the great ND ghost town pictures. I always wonder about the families who lived in the homes through the years.

  4. Karla Nelson Rusco says:

    My Mother grew up in Mapes. Her dad was the blacksmith, I think also drove the school bus (with horses). Her Mother was the postmistress (in the house). I understand anyone in the blacksmith shop at noon came to lunch. Mom was born in 1916.

  5. DOGMAN says:

    My parents grew up in Mapes around the turn of the century when Mapes was nothing.

  6. Cynthia Little says:

    My father was born in Mapes in 1912 in a house built by his uncle and dad. The house was used as the post office and postmistress were his aunts, the Haugen sisters. I would like to see old photos of Mapes 1910-1940. Also like to hear from any family members.

    • Karla Nelson Rusco says:

      My mother was one of the Haugen sisters.

    • Karla Rusco says:

      My Grandparents were Joseph and Anna Haugen. Anna was the postmistress when my mom was growing up. She died when my mother was fairly young and presume in the time she was ill that the daughters helped with the post office. I would like to from you to see if we are related.

  7. Herb Hosford says:

    My grandparents had a motel just south of Mapes. I remeber going to the store there to get our mail from
    a Grace Kippy(spelling?). I enjoyed the pushups ice cream we used to get. That was in the late 50s or early 60s.

  8. James S says:

    What was left of the town left after the elevator blew up and took out the bar.

    • Gordon Skjerseth says:

      What is your last name James ?

    • Tyanna says:

      My family still lives there, but we own most of the town. I grew up playing hide and seek in the bar and bank. My grandma recently relocated to Larimore but my uncle and aunt still live there. This is home for me. As far as I know the farm still has four guys, plus Geno. So the metropolis of Mapes has 7ish people.

  9. Corene Sateren Hermanson says:

    I grew up in the big city of Mapes. I remember the motel and remember I was allowed to ride my bike just that far. And yes, Grace Kippie was the postlady. I continued to live in Mapes until I graduated from high school in 1972.
    I love all my Mapes memories!!

  10. Gordon Skjerserh says:

    Lived there my entire childhood until approximately 1973
    Bought the bank and two city lots for 100.00 in 1969.

  11. would love to have people add some history for all to share ……

  12. Cynthia Kolberg Ritteman says:

    The house I lived in as a child for a short time is the second house pictured. It used to be yellow, but that was in the early 60’s. I have fond memories of starting school here, as well as walk to the local store just down the street.

  13. Mike Hammer says:

    Mapes Old West Tavern was a happening establishment until is burned down from an electical fire. It was going yet 1995. I forget what year it burned.

  14. Rita (Lewis) Feltman says:

    I grew up in that red house alot of great memories in that small town of Mapes used to have alot of wedding dances n much more in that town hall in the picture above seems weird driving thru Mapes now with the bar gone (burned in January of 1998) if I remember right, used to be such a fun town growing up!!!!!

  15. Darcy (Yule) Lackman says:

    We rode the school bus into mapes where we picked up Hilliards, Lewises, Jemtruds/Johnson, and Skjerseths in the late 70s and 80s. Fond memories!

  16. Clifford Sateren says:

    My wife and i lived in the house pictured first– —and in the local area from 1951 thru 1972.
    We moved back to town in 1964 to manage the elevator—until 1972. There were 50
    of us living there then. Such a good place to raise a family. We had horses, a cow, pigs
    and chickens. Like Darcy—-many fond memories.

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