Mapes, ND

Mapes, ND

Kyle Stubbs contributed theses photos of Mapes with the following comments:

Mapes is in north-central Nelson County, just off of Highway 2. Currently there appears to be one farm and maybe a total of two inhabited homes at Mapes, the rest are vacant.

Photos by Kyle Stubbs. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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  1. My old great aunt lived there way back when. She is long gone to her reward. I remember, when we would drive down #2, there was a “car park” south of the highway in a grove of trees. The trees are still there and an old farm house. Imagine having to stop on the side of the road to stay in a little “Vacation” cabin, cause you couldn’t drive down the gravel roads to the next town…with your skinny tires. (think Grapes of Wrath) Sure would love it if someone had pics of that place

  2. My Mother grew up in Mapes. Her dad was the blacksmith, I think also drove the school bus (with horses). Her Mother was the postmistress (in the house). I understand anyone in the blacksmith shop at noon came to lunch. Mom was born in 1916.

  3. My father was born in Mapes in 1912 in a house built by his uncle and dad. The house was used as the post office and postmistress were his aunts, the Haugen sisters. I would like to see old photos of Mapes 1910-1940. Also like to hear from any family members.

    1. My Grandparents were Joseph and Anna Haugen. Anna was the postmistress when my mom was growing up. She died when my mother was fairly young and presume in the time she was ill that the daughters helped with the post office. I would like to from you to see if we are related.

    2. This is very interesting reading. My Great-Grandparents, John & Helena Swenson bought land in Mapes in the early 1880’s and built a sod house. My grandfather, John Swenson was born there and later in life bought land and built his home. My father was born in Mapes in 1913 on the old family farm. My Great-Grandfather built the Center Luthern Church around 1900. Growing up in the 50’s was such a simple life and I’m so glad to have grown up during that time. Most of my relatives are in North Dakota and I have not been back there since 1987. I spent my first two years in Appam. Almost a total ghost town. We lived above the grocery store, which is still standing, but looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I’m hoping to someday make it back up there and see everyone and to go to my grandmothers gravesite at a cemetary south of Michigan, ND on Hwy 35. I don’t know anyone in these comments, but I so enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

      1. 6-23-16. So fun to read these. My grandparents, too, lived between Mapes and Lakota at one time. They were Helga and Joseph Aaser. And, I was told that my great grandfather also helped build Center Church. His name was Ove Aaser. I just visited that area last weekend, and went inside Center Church. We were told it is going to be torn down soon. Am sad to hear that.

        Cindy (Bakken) Gunnarson

        1. What a small world it is when you run across someone you don’t even know and your both our Great-Grandfathers worked together on the same church. My cousins were baptised there 30+years ago. My dad had the picture of the church hanging in his house. Simply amazing, Cindy!

          1. There was an old book inside the church that listed the confirmation students and years they were confirmed. I found two of my uncles’ names in the book (from the 1930s), Harold and Rex Aaser. Was such a nostalgic feeling to be there!

  4. My grandparents had a motel just south of Mapes. I remeber going to the store there to get our mail from
    a Grace Kippy(spelling?). I enjoyed the pushups ice cream we used to get. That was in the late 50s or early 60s.

    1. This is cousin Merri Beth. Oh Herb! I didn’t remember Grace. But I have fond memories of our lives there

    1. My family still lives there, but we own most of the town. I grew up playing hide and seek in the bar and bank. My grandma recently relocated to Larimore but my uncle and aunt still live there. This is home for me. As far as I know the farm still has four guys, plus Geno. So the metropolis of Mapes has 7ish people.

      1. My father was born in Mapes in 1910. I wish I could remember right but I believe my great uncle owned the bar. I think it was the Hoynes family later changed to Hynes. One of the houses looks like my great uncles house but it was so long ago.
        I was wrong on my great uncle’s. It was Sam and Grace Bunney. my grandfathers name was Leo Hynes.

  5. I grew up in the big city of Mapes. I remember the motel and remember I was allowed to ride my bike just that far. And yes, Grace Kippie was the postlady. I continued to live in Mapes until I graduated from high school in 1972.
    I love all my Mapes memories!!

  6. Lived there my entire childhood until approximately 1973
    Bought the bank and two city lots for 100.00 in 1969.

  7. The house I lived in as a child for a short time is the second house pictured. It used to be yellow, but that was in the early 60’s. I have fond memories of starting school here, as well as walk to the local store just down the street.

  8. Mapes Old West Tavern was a happening establishment until is burned down from an electical fire. It was going yet 1995. I forget what year it burned.

  9. I grew up in that red house alot of great memories in that small town of Mapes used to have alot of wedding dances n much more in that town hall in the picture above seems weird driving thru Mapes now with the bar gone (burned in January of 1998) if I remember right, used to be such a fun town growing up!!!!!

  10. We rode the school bus into mapes where we picked up Hilliards, Lewises, Jemtruds/Johnson, and Skjerseths in the late 70s and 80s. Fond memories!

  11. My wife and i lived in the house pictured first– —and in the local area from 1951 thru 1972.
    We moved back to town in 1964 to manage the elevator—until 1972. There were 50
    of us living there then. Such a good place to raise a family. We had horses, a cow, pigs
    and chickens. Like Darcy—-many fond memories.

    1. I remember visiting that house and it may have been your son and I who walked a horse up and into that front door a step of two as a prank. My dad ran the elevator in Lakota and we were over there visiting. If you moved in 1972 then I must have been between 6 and 8 when we did this.

      I knew that was the house the second I saw the picture and that was 40 plus years ago!!

  12. My mother is Verneil Axtell Aitken. She moved to Mapes when she was about 6 weeks old in 1915. Homer and Rena ,Lucille and Verneil lived on a farm about 2miles south of Mapes. Homer bought a prefabricated house from Sears and erected it on the home site. The 3 room school was about a mile and a half South of their home. They rented a spare room in their home to teachers of the local school

    Although moms memory is failing, she still recalls the blizzard of in the early 1920s where all students and teacher had to spend the night in the school. Apparently the horses that pulled the school busses could not breath in the fine snow.
    During winter storms Homer ran a rope from the house to the barn so he could follow it to take care of his animals

    Mom said they raised turkey’s which they packed in barrels to send East for Thanksgiving

    homer and Rena sold the farm in about 1934. They spent many happy years in Flordia. Both are buried in Seattle

    I drove through Mapes a few years ago on a Fall afternoon. It seems like a lovely part of the country

    1. Hi Robert, Your family probably lived very close to my mother’s family, the Franzens. They may have attended the same school you had mentioned. I believe the family farm is about 10 miles , maybe less, south of Mapes. My mom, Virginia Franzen was born in 1927. She had six siblings, all older then her except for her brother Francis.

  13. Lucille ( Kelley) Schnabel
    We lived on a farm by Mapes. My sister Nina & brother David and I went to grade school there. .My father Glenn Kelley was killed by the train in Mapes on a very foggy day, at least I think it was. That was in 1955. i was in high school in Lakota, a freshmen when the accident happened. I also remember Grace Kippy, one bad stormy day, my father could not come and get Nina and I, with the horse, so we spent the night with Kippys. Also loved their push up Ice creams. Have fond memories of going to school and taking a potato, and the cook would bake them on the big heater for our lunch, roller skating in the basment of the school in the winter.

    1. My father was born in Mapes in 1910. I wish I could remember right but I believe my great uncle owned the bar. I think it was the Hoynes family later changed to Hynes. One of the houses looks like my great uncles house but it was so long ago
      Sam and Grace Be money owned the bar I believe. grandpa Leo Hynes lived across from the dance hall.

  14. My Great-Grandfather built a sod house in the 1880’s where his children were born. His oldest son, John Swenson was my Grandfather and built his home years later in Mapes and his children were born there. My Dad was born in 1913 and grew up in Mapes/Lakota area until he left home and joined the Marines. My G-Gfather S John Swenson built the Center Luthern Church, south of Mapes along with Grant Allen. The two of them were contracted to build the church for $270.00. My Grandmother is buried in that area and someday, I hope to make it back there to see everyone. I have relatives in the Williston area and lived in Appam the first two years of my life from 1948-1950. I find this website so interesting and love to hear what everyone has to say.

  15. The teachers in the last few years the school was open , were Mrs. Betty Schroeder and Mrs. Lionel Nelson . What a wonderful , kind and compassionate soul she was . I believe Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Fred Enlow and maybe Mrs. Paul ( Matilda ) Schmidt may have been the cooks .

    1. Paul and Matilda were my grandparents. She was a cook for the school but don’t know when. Always loved coming up from Chicago because it was such a huge difference in pace.

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