Drive-In Fever

After we posted our photos of Stardust 17 Drive-In in Grafton, it became pretty clear that you got bit by the Drive-In bug like we did… because we got lots of comments, questions, and emails about Drive-In Theaters.

As we mentioned in that post, there is only one operating drive-in theater in the state of North Dakota — the Lake Park Drive-In in Williston.  (UPDATE: Lake Park Drive-In and Sunset Drive-In closed in 2012)

Here is a larger list which includes open drive-in theaters within reasonable driving distance of North Dakota.  I’ve included official websites where possible.  Many of these facilities have seldom updated websites, so please call or email ahead before you drive too far…

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Eric Johnson

Sky Vu in Warren has had some recent upgrades, and they often show recent releases just out of theatres. Highly recommended


For several years my gang never missed a movie and sometimes saw the same one several times. (Note: Many films were actually never viewed–ahem!) Usually only a driver was in the car, but as many as possible were packed in the trunk to avoid paying for the tickets. Then park off in a corner – everyone out and find a speaker post to spread your blankets! Many memories!

Colby Crawford

I am sorry to report that the Lake Park Drive-Inn was not open this summer even though the drive-in destinations site listed it as open. It is for sale but with the price of real estate in the Williston area I doubt it will have a future as a drive-in theatre. I was working in the Williston area all summmer and fall and it was clearly deserted.


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