Abandoned Buttzville Farm ?>

Abandoned Buttzville Farm

Buttzville is in Ransom County, just northeast of Lisbon. These photos were taken on the abandoned farm just west of Buttzville.

This farm is just across the water from Buttzville.

Rain showers had just moved out.

Not quite sure what this ruin was… a barn?

Spring buds just on.

Penny for your memories.

Whomever lived on this farm had a tremendous view.

Photos by Troy Larson, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC.

8 thoughts on “Abandoned Buttzville Farm

  1. I live in Masachusetts and I’ve been fascinated by abandoned towns and farms like the one above since I was a little kid and I’m glad that I found your site. And the pictures of the above farm are real cool. Thanks.

  2. This abandoned farm used to be my Great-Grandparents, Tom and Clara Leonard. Tom and my Grandfather, Ross, built it I believe around the early 1920’s . You are correct…the ruin used to be the barn. I have a picture that we took in 2009, shortly before it went down. I will post it on your Facebook page. You can see the cupola on the top of the barn is the image that you show lying in front of the fence. That beautiful view that you comment on, showing a small lake……the water never used to be there. It has been filling up since some of the floods years ago. The garage in the middle used to be the grain shed. The building on the right used to be the chicken coop. Their house used to be off to the right hand side of the picture. It was moved many years ago to a location over by highway 27 to the East of Lisbon. It has been remodeled and added on to, so it looks very different. Love your work and pictures!!! Thanks for helping to preserve some of our history. Great Job!!!!

  3. My grandfather’s family lived in buttzville, in the start of the 20th century. I believe they came from Canada. My grandfather was sent away to live with relatives in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, but the rest of the family continued to live in buttzville. Their last name was Eckland. I have no clue as to what happened to my grandfather’s parents. I don’t know their first names, but I think my greatgrandmother’s maiden name was Bersjoe.. There is a lot of curiosity from my mother, who was Arnold’s Eckland’s daughter. The three children that were born in buttzville are ARnold, leslie, and Margie. We were told many years ago, that the parents of my grandfather died early of tuberculosis. My grandfather seemed to be embarrassed by his family history, so no information was ever given to my mother. Arnold was a very cold and distant man, but his brother Les and sister Margie, also refused to talk about their parents or life in buttzville. Arnold, Les, and Margie have all died years ago, so now we don’t have anyone to give us information. Does anyone have any information about the Eckland family that lived in buttzvill from 1900 to 1930?

  4. My father, Chester ‘Chet’ Fredrickson had the general store in Buttzville around 1944 to 1947. The upper half of that store was moved into lisbon and is now an apartment, I don’t know what happened to the lower half. My sister’s late father in law operated the elevator there for many years. I am almost seventy so I have very few recollections about the town, or Dad’s store. I remember the boxes that had cookies in them.

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