Abandoned Buttzville Farm

Buttzville is in Ransom County, just northeast of Lisbon. These photos were taken on the abandoned farm just west of Buttzville.

This farm is just across the water from Buttzville.

Rain showers had just moved out.

Not quite sure what this ruin was... a barn?

Spring buds just on.

Penny for your memories.

Whomever lived on this farm had a tremendous view.

Photos by Troy, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC.

6 Responses to “Abandoned Buttzville Farm”
  1. John M. says:

    I live in Masachusetts and I’ve been fascinated by abandoned towns and farms like the one above since I was a little kid and I’m glad that I found your site. And the pictures of the above farm are real cool. Thanks.

  2. Lois S says:

    I’d love that old International pickup truck.

  3. Dean Fredrickson says:

    My father, Chester ‘Chet’ Fredrickson had the general store in Buttzville around 1944 to 1947. The upper half of that store was moved into lisbon and is now an apartment, I don’t know what happened to the lower half. My sister’s late father in law operated the elevator there for many years. I am almost seventy so I have very few recollections about the town, or Dad’s store. I remember the boxes that had cookies in them.

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