Jensen Cabin at Wadeson Park

Jensen Cabin at Wadeson Park

This cabin was built in 1878 by Norwegian immigrant Carl Bjerke Jensen, made from hand-hewn oak.  The cabin and the land were donated to the State Historical Society by the Wadeson family in 1957.  This cabin was in pretty bad shape until it was restored in 1981.

I stumbled upon this place while taking a drive near Kathryn.

This is the Wadeson Park Spillway, right across the road from the Jensen Cabin.

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media


10 thoughts on “Jensen Cabin at Wadeson Park

  1. I think it’s about a mile or so East of Kathryn. Take 51st Street S.E. out of Kathryn. After about a mile (just before river) there is a road on your left. I believe it’s up that road a few hundred yards. If not, I’m sure you could ask anybody in Kathryn and they would know. I would think there would be signs ir you are getting close.

  2. My wife is a Bjerke and her grandparents are from Nome, we live about 35 miles south of kathryn and we never even knew about this place we are heading there with the camera today! Thank you for showing us this.

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