Dresden, North Dakota

Dresden is a small town in Cavalier County, home to the Cavalier County Museum at Dresden, about six miles northwest of Langdon.  The museum is housed in the former Holy Trinity Church, an incredible field-stone structure erected in 1936.

Dresden is home to numerous historic structures in varying states of restoration, including the Dyer School which was moved to the site from Milton, the former Langdon Jail, and more.  The crew at the Cavalier County Historical Society is doing quite a job up there.  They have their own blog where you can learn a lot more about Dresden and the attractions.

Photos by Rat, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

17 Responses to “Dresden, North Dakota”
  1. Ramona Karnik Long says:

    Awesome photos…..keep up your great work!

  2. Sartenada says:

    Great photos. Thank You.

  3. Lisa Celius says:

    Thank you so much for showing great pics of my childhood playground. That used to be my grandfather’s farm – the house that is kind of falling in with all the trees. Its sad to see it that way, but thank you so much for the trip down memory lane.

  4. I have been looking at this web-site for several months now and find it fantastic! What pieces of history you have photographed. Today, I finally looked at your Facebook page and THAT is AWESOME! IF I EVER WIN THE LOTTERY, I’LL SEND A NICE DONATION AND MY FIRST VACATION IN YEARS WILL BE A SUMMER LONG TRIP TO NORTH DAKOTA. THE SKIES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND I SEE PERFECT PEACE AND QUIET THERE!

  5. Anne says:

    The stone church is amazing! I’ve learned so much about my home state from your postings. Thanks!

  6. Dean Orvik says:

    After traveling over a significant part of the country and the world, I have to agree with Kathleen Hastings that perfect peace and quiet are more attainable there (in North Dakota) than anywhere else I’ve been. Got a kick out of the caboose pic; when I was a kid in the 70′s the best parts (for me) of pioneer villages etc. were the cabooses and the jails! I was a bad traveler (in other words, I drove my parents nuts on road trips), so my dad used to stop at abandoned buildings and we’d explore them to break up drives between Mandan and Rugby; I loved doing that, and this website helps me relive some of my best childhood memories on a regular basis. Thanks for what you do!

  7. Judi says:

    yea Dresden…..My parents were the first couple married in the stone church… i was the first baby baptized in this church and the last one married there…… it holds a special spirit for me.. my brothers and I went to “Catechism” there and i remember our “Lutheran” friends biking by and having fun while we were learning how to make our “first” Confession or whatever…

  8. Jay DuBois says:

    As a current resident of Dresden, I want to thank you for your work on this. Most of the old, time worn buildings are now gone. This is part of our commitment to “clean up Dresden”. We’re very proud of our museum and the staff does a wonderful job.

  9. Donna Stubbe says:

    Thank you for the awesome photo! Every time I go home I spend a day at Dresden – lots of great memories.

    • Gene Reierson says:

      I see the amoco truck in the old shed .
      What hppened to the jobber I remember talkinfg to him at a meeting in Devils Lake JHe also sold Lawn boy Lawn mowers . We were in the same business I in Esmond

      • Jay DuBois says:

        Allan DuBois is alive and well and is living in Langdon, ND. He turned 80 this summer. I am his son, Jay, and I still run the bulk business from Dresden. We are no longer in the lawn mower business.

  10. Kelly Uhrich says:

    My Great Grandfather Joseph Uhrich built a house and farmed there, came from Canada in 1895. My Grandfather is Alex Uhrich and settled in the Wales area. These pics bring back sweet memories.

  11. Blaine says:

    I thought it was BigMoe lawn mowers that Allan DuBois sold have to get back up there and check out all the small towns again Dresden, Wales , Hannah, Sarles, Calvin, Clyde so many towns

  12. Don Rapske` says:

    My family lived in the lot next to the Catholic Church. We as children played in the area that is now the Cavalier County museum. We now live in Pelican Rapids, MN.

  13. Robert D Farol says:

    My Mother, Verona Timian was born there in 1918. The Otto Timian family then mover to Crystal, ND and farmed a 1/4 section 5 mile East of town.

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