Maza School

This former schoolhouse is virtually all that remains of a town that was once Maza in southern Towner county, a short drive south of Cando.  In 2000, the population of Maza was listed as 5.  In 2002, the city was dissolved.  Today, there are some scattered buildings in the area and a farm or two.

We ran across this building in 2008, sitting right beside the highway.  Rat snapped a few quick photos, and we promptly forgot all about them.  During the process of creating a master photo archive, we rediscovered them, but couldn’t remember where they were taken.  Our Facebook fans were able to identify the location as Maza.  Fun!

We’ll be asking our Facebook fans to identify some more locations in the future, so follow us on Facebook to participate.

 Photos by Rat, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

5 Responses to “Maza School”
  1. barb bickle says:

    I want to thank you for posting the pictures of Maza. We used to go to Rolette when we were kids to visit our grandparents and I remembered Maza from those memories.

  2. Donna says:

    I worked for an elderly lady who grew up on a farm south of Cando.The train would stop for them when they waved and caught a ride to Maza, just a few miles away.

  3. Donna says:

    I moved to this area in 1983 and no one “lived” in Maza back then. I think families who had ties to Maza kept it a “town” but decided to dissolve in 2002.There was never anything there in 1983 that isn’t there now.

    • Wow! I miss the old school house structures. Now, when you drive out of town you see these huge brick structures that house students from many surrounding towns. I once went to a wedding in an old school house in a smalll town in North Dakota. Not sure, but for some reason I wanna say it was in Balfour. It was a really neat ceremony and a very unique but old structure. I would love to be able to renovate an old school house and turn it into a home. Thanks for sharing. Never been to Maza, but have been to some of the surrounding communities.

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