Tyner Cemetery

Tyner Cemetery is all that remains of a rural settlement in Pembina County once known as Tyner.  Cemeteries are not something we usually feature as an entity all their own, primarily because there are plenty of websites out there which focus on cemeteries and family history already.  However, Terry visited Tyner Cemetery to photograph the headstones for some of his wife’s family — the McCurdy’s — and was moved by the solitude of the site.

The cemetery is in the middle of a farmer’s field and no longer even has a road leading to it.  The only access is on foot, there is no fence, and as you can see from the photos, the entire site is quite overgrown.  The site tells a tale that was written a very long time ago.



Samuel McCurdy, born Aug. 19, 1866, died Nov. 3rd, 1899, aged 33 years.

Mary McEwen, died Apr. 14, 1894, age 20 Y’s, 2 M’s, 14 D’s
Maggie McEwen, died Oct. 19, 1894, age 16 Y’s, 2 M’s, 20 D’s

A.C. McCurdy, Oct. 5th, 1888 to May 17th, 1975
Alice, wife of A.C. McCurdy, July 27th, 1884 to Sept. 14th, 1938

Eliza Jane, wife of Samuel Hillis, born in Ireland, Aug. 17, 1840, died Mar. 31, 1914

Frederick W. Mountain, died Feb. 7, 1899, aged 6 mos. 14 days.

Roy Tuson, died Mar. 26, 1892, aged 7 mos.

Roy Tuson, died Mar. 26, 1892, aged 7 mos.


Order Books


Alvin, son of John J. and Catherine Hughes. died Oct. 28, 1891, aged 14 years, 4 ms. 7 days.

Baby Symington, born Sept. 28, 1899, died October 15, 1900

Photos by Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

17 Responses to “Tyner Cemetery”
  1. alison raheem says:

    How sad that no one keeps it up. Where about is it located. I will be visiting N.D. in November and weather permitting I’d like to check it out.

  2. Thank you for documenting this cemetery, you guys. It’s so important that they are not forgotten. BLESS YOU!

  3. Matt Rothchild says:

    I’m related to some McCurdy’s, so I find this all the more fascinating. But these aren’t the same McCurdys…mine never lined in ND. Perhaps distantly related…

  4. Jane says:

    You would think a church in the area could “adopt”” this cemetery and maintain it. I’ve read that this is how many of our nation’s smallest and most rural cemeteries are kept up these days. So sad that those buried here have just been “put out to pasture” so to speak.

  5. Anne says:

    Beautiful, poignant, photographs. Thank you for posting.

  6. R.J. Christianson says:

    Thank you for adding captions to the photos. It makes viewing the photos that more meaningful. Every life has a beginning and an end. Looking at the photos I wonder about the middle.

  7. Donna says:

    I thought it was the duty of the county to keep cemeteries maintained. Maybe someone from the area will see your pictures and take on the job.

  8. Randy Svenson says:

    I grew up in Pembina County. This is the first that I have heard of the Tyner Cemetary. These little township cemetaries are not uncommon in Pembina County.

    • ron says:

      some of them elderly,so many of them young,flu epidemics etc took their toll back then

      • Ralph Kingsbury says:

        Those are Neche names on the headstones. Neche is on the Canadian border 20 miles east of MN. My mother was born and raised in Neche (nee Glenn). I know many people of this generation with the last names on the gravestones. Imagine what we have because those people left their homes, often alone. One of my great grandmothers was 13 when she came to Dakota Territory with her aunt. Died in her early 30s of “a cold” after giving birth to 5 children, one who died in infancy. My grandmother was the oldest and had just started high school and had to quit and come home to take care of her younger sisters and baby brother. Just think what we have because they did that.

  9. H. says:

    It looks similar to the grave yard I grew up near and my family has helped care for for years. The stones are of a similar style. It too stands alone in a field but is surrounded by a fence and gate.

  10. Bill Marvin says:

    Powerful….in a quiet way…..Well Done…

  11. Bill Marvin says:


  12. Nila Pudwill says:

    I hope someone nearby sees these photos & takes on the maintenance
    Of this special place. What a sacred little cemetary! Such sadness they endured.
    I love the fact that you have pictures of this sweet place. Wish you would
    document more, being it goes so well with everything you’re doing.
    It helps tie families to more info, if they are looking for it? love every story! :)

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