Waldorf Postcard Restoration

Waldorf Hotel 1911

I was rummaging through a box of old postcards at an antique store some time ago and I found this old damaged postcard of the Fargo Waldorf Hotel in 1911.  I did a restoration job on the postcard and came up with this.

The Waldorf in Fargo was built in 1899, right across the street from the depot.  For immigrants from the east, this was frequently the first stop in North Dakota for a lot of travelers fresh off the train.  The Waldorf went through several owners over the years, and was also known as the Milner Hotel and the Earle Hotel.  It was destroyed in a fire on December 13th, 1951.

This postcard was mailed on July 6th, 1911 to Miss Bess McCullough in Milton, North Dakota with the following message:  This is a view of the hotel in which I work.  My room is five blocks away — Hal

Waldorf Postcard Restoration

Although postcards of this age are in the public domain, the version posted here has been given a thorough restoration and as a result, is copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC


This postcard was a fold-out card, and had the menu from the Waldorf kitchen on the inside.  You can’t get a meal like this at a hotel these days without breaking the bank.


waldorf site today

On the site of the former Waldorf Hotel today — a bank which was later converted to an architectural firm’s office. As of this writing, it is vacant.

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5 Responses to “Waldorf Hotel 1911”
  1. Alan Ring says:

    I finally made a visit to ND after years of hearing family talk about it and the hard times they endured. I want to thank you for all your efforts in remembering the towns of the past. My mother was born in Danzig, My grandfather was the postmaster there and they owned one of the general stores. I visited Fargo on my trip thru Bismarck, Ashley, and finally to what remains of Danzig. Thank you so much for preserving history. You guys are great!

  2. Gary Karpenko says:

    thanks and very interesting as went to Dakota Business and when the trains went by the building would rock and shake. 1964 and 1965 as went to Fargo in 2002 and couldn’t find anything that I remembered but enjoyed the mall where they have the film on Roger Marris. The mall closed and I was watching the film and the guard to me to finish the film as he was in no hurry to go home. That would never happen any place but North Dakota.
    I went to the cemetery where Roger is buried and a care taker showed by the place as he took the time. We were only passing through but stayed the night as very friendly. Thanks

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