Nome School: Then and Now

Nome School in Barnes County — 1919 and 2005.


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7 Responses to “Nome School: Then and Now”
  1. Pam B says:

    My mom graduated from there. When we visited our cousins when young, we attended school with them there.

  2. Karen Meter says:

    My father Alfred Thompson was superintendent of this school from 1947-1949 (I’m guessing). He was from Lisbon.

  3. Karla S says:

    My mom went to school here. :)

  4. Dennis Stillings says:

    Sign in ditch coming into Nome from the north: “Drive Slowly. We’re still here.”

  5. Helen Rogers says:

    My grandparents, Sophie and Alton Laugen, lived on Main Street and I have memories of visiting there (came all the way from St. Paul). That would have been in the early 1930’s and I have a few photos taken in their yard and can remember those benches on Main Street where the men convened and spent time on sunny days. My mother and father, Valborg and Alfred Hulet, often spoke of Nome, Enderlin, Valley City and their many friends there. My grandparent’s home was filled with the wonderful smell of bread baking, water pumped with a small hand pump in the kitchen, a telephone that had to be wound up to work…all a lifetime ago.

  6. Sharon Klemm says:

    Maybe a lifetime ago, but what great memories. I wish I had them. Lucky you.

  7. Jana Rykhus says:

    My grandparents met as teachers here in 1920 and got married in 1921!!! Edwin Julian Erickson and Evelyn Davison. Can you go inside the school? I plan on visiting!!

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