Roseville, ND

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Roseville, North Dakota is a former Great Northern Railroad station at the intersection of County Roads 11 and 16 in Traill county, about ten minutes southwest of Mayville.

Roseville, ND

Roseville was never much more than a loose collection of farmsteads surrounding a grain elevator. Today, the tracks have been pulled up and the grain elevator is crumbling. There is one other structure on-site, the white building shown below, which we’re told was the former township school, and was last used as the township hall.

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The condition of the base of this elevator doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. It looks like it will topple over if you ask me.

Roseville, ND Roseville, ND Roseville, ND Roseville, ND Roseville, ND

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Bridgette Readel

And if I’m not mistaken, there is a well cared for cemetery just across the road from these two sites.


Yes there is. I didn’t take any photographs of it because it’s pretty flooded right now and I would have ended up with pretty wet feet…

Steve Guttormson

Most of my relatives are buried in that cemetery. My mother, Sylvia (Grinde) Guttormson went to the Rosewood school. My great grandfather, Johanne aka John Grinde, was a Norwegian immigrant who worked for the railroad, got as far west as Roseville and built a farm just north the school. My cousin owned the elevator.


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