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After getting suggestions from several people that we start doing videos again, we decided to ease back into it and we did just a little bit of video on our trip over Memorial Weekend.  We stopped doing videos some years ago, mainly because there are only two of us, and when we go on a trip, we’re usually busy enough taking photos.  Video has never been our forte’ but we understand it provides a little glimpse inside our trips, so we’re happy to oblige.  We’ll probably do more in the future.  Enjoy.

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Bill Marvin

Wonderful way to start a day, watching your video…..’Tis that time of year, to get out, and explore….If your ever around Grand Fork’s, give me a shout….Enjoy your site, and work…..Bill

Sharon Klemm

Way cool. Road trip food! (Mine is pretzels, Twizzlers and XXX water.) North Dakota is such a beautiful place. Someplace where you can still be way out there.


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