Argusville: School’s Out

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We paid a brief visit to Argusville High School today and found things have changed quite a bit since our last visit in 2011.  The school was in a terrible state of disrepair and had been thoroughly vandalized when we last saw it, but it has since been secured and made safe.

Argusville High School

The rusting twin fire escapes have been torn down, leaving the front of the school as it originally looked before they were erected.  Every door and window has now been boarded up tight by the owner.  We spoke with him briefly during our visit and he told us the combination of vandalism and some questionable modifications by a previous owner contributed to some terrible water damage inside the school.

See what it looked like in 2011 here.

UPDATE:  Thanks to comments from a visitor, we now know the last class graduated from this school in 1997 when it was known as Cass Valley North High School.
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Argusville High School

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Kathleen (BERTSCH) Bennett

Look at the vine going up the school. very hardy and I’m sure it just grows AND grows.
Is a gentleman with you from Sweeden? I think I heard him on KFGO this morning with Jack & Sandy.

Sharon Klemm

School looks 100% better without the fire escapes. Wonder what his plans are?


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