Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota is in Eddy County, not far from Tolna, about a half hour southeast of Devils Lake.  We met a local resident named Troy Gleason who gave us quite a bit of information on Hamar — the population is six, including a family of  three, two widows, and Troy.

Hamar didn’t seem particularly remote compared to some of the places we’ve visited, so I was somewhat surprised to discover cell service was hit and miss.

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

The building shown here is the former post office for Hamar.  Carla Christofferson, Miss North Dakota 1989, and now renowned Los Angeles attorney and co-owner of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, was raised on a farm near here, and Mr. Gleason told us Ms. Christofferson’s mother once ran the post office in Hamar out of this building.  At one time, there was a trailer attached.

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

This former school still hosts meetings on occasion.

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

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Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

Hamar, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

18 Responses to “Hamar, North Dakota”
  1. Michelle says:

    A great place and great pictures. Ahh, Hamar.

  2. Sharon Klemm says:

    The local architecture and building designs is strikingly beautiful. The school house is just another example of many.

  3. Carla says:

    I love Hamar!

  4. Hamar was my address before I moved away in the 1960′s. When the post office closed, Tolna became the address instead of Hamar. I grew up on a farm aprox. 7 miles south of Hamar. I knew kids that went to that school in Hamar. I went to a one room school house in the country that was right west of our house. One gal by the name of Barbara Kjelden who went to the school in Hamar and I won the Eddy county spelling contest when we were eighth graders. We tied with a score of 100.

    We had neighbors two our south who moved into Hamar. They were Amanda and Carl Johnson. They used to visit us alot. Mom and Amanda had many good talks.

    It is sad to see these town that we knew so well become “ghost towns” Thanks for keeping these memories alive by this website.

    • Karen Haugland Solhjem says:

      Please excuse the typo (second paragraph) in my last post. It should read “to” instead of “two”. I tried editing it but there was no way that could be done. Also in third paragraph a typo. Should read “towns” instead of “town”.

  5. Jan says:

    Lots of great memories of Hamar Bar with Ernie and Pickles.

  6. Rick says:

    Carla and Jan.. Do you remember when Lector ran the bar?

  7. John Stangeland says:

    Oh shucks, I was going to nail you on that misspelling.

  8. Bradd Delfs says:

    “Lots of great memories of Hamar Bar with Ernie and Pickles.”
    Oh yeah, who could ever forget Ernie? What a guy! You would walk in to the bar, there’d be tractor seat stools, maybe a dog sleeping in the corner. sometimes a patron or two sleeping as well. Yep, been there a few times in my youth.

  9. Chuck Bowen says:

    My Mom (Inis Thompson back then) taught at Hamar back during WW2. She also taught in Baker and Harlow. In one of those three town she lost all her belongings in a house fire.

  10. Sherry formerly Brudeseth says:

    My late ex-mother in law, Margaret Eikom Brudeseth taught at that one room school in the 1940s and possibly into the 1950s. Her parents, the Eikoms, lived in Hamar when I first visited in 1976 with my ex, Richard Norman Brudeseth. The house you see belonged to the late Clarence and Jenny Brudeseth (Clarence owned the general store) and was inherited by Norman and Margaret Brudeseth as a summer home until Norman’s passing in 1993. The house next door, smaller, belonged to the Eikom family and they lived in it until around the early 1980s. Hope this helps the history.

  11. Melody says:

    My grandparents Norman and Margaret (Eikom) Brudeseth and my mom and uncle are from Hamar. Seeing these pictures brought back lots of happy summertime memories! Thanks for sharing them.

  12. Melody says:

    Hi Sherry! Imagine running into a “kind of” relative…lol. It’s sad to see Hamar disappearing. I’d love to buy the old house just have it in the family.

  13. Floyd Joramo says:

    I’m Floyd Joramo, Son of Joseph Joramo, Who was brother of Olaf, Sam,& Carl Joramo. I was born in The Now Ghost town of Hamar ND. Attended Minco Valley School 1st grade, and 2nd 3rd grade at Hamar School 1946 & 47 My mother Mame was the teacher.
    My father owned the farm a half mile North of town from pre WWI to 1948.
    My Brother Lee is buried in Tolna Cemetery.

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