Bethel Luthern Church, Rural Wildrose

Bethel Lutheran Church, Rural Wildrose

On fourth of July weekend, 2013, we found ourselves ahead of schedule on our two day photo shoot.  In the town of Fortuna, we found the church we wanted to photograph had oil workers camping out on the property and big trucks parked in front of it.  We moved on to another location which also turned out to be a bust, so we set out for Powers Lake to get some lunch.

As we drove along highway 50 between Alamo and McGregor, North Dakota, we were absolutely struck by the beauty of the drive.  Lakes dotted the landscape like blue jewels in a rolling green setting.  Suddenly, along the side of the road in the distance, Terry spotted a steeple.  As we approached, it just looked too good to pass up, so we decided to stop and shoot this church — Bethel Lutheran Church, rural Wildrose.  What a beautiful place.

Bethel Luthern Church, Rural Wildrose

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Bethel Luthern Church, Rural Wildrose


Bethel Luthern Church, Rural Wildrose

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC
Writers/Bloggers: Ghosts of North Dakota intellectual property and photo use guidelines can be found here.

4 Responses to “Bethel Lutheran Church, Rural Wildrose”
  1. Karen Sillerud says:

    I was raised in that church and my father rests at peace in that cemetery. Our family farm home is on the other side of the tree rows behind the church, and north of Highway 50. Lots of memories. Thanks for including Bethel Lutheran Church in your journeys. I have posted a picture of the interior of this church. It was beautiful in its day. Vandals have now destroyed the beautiful windows and shot through the alter. So sad.

    • Erling Husby, Norway says:

      Very interesting. Mother and sister and brothers of my grandmother went to ND and Wild Rose about 1905 from Norway. Their last name was Borstad. Wild Rose I believe is located on southern corner of Borstad far. Would like to go there some time.

  2. Diann Beckman says:

    I’m. Karen’s sister and this is one of the most beautiful churches ever. Even vandals can’t destroy the beauty!

  3. Sharon Klemm says:

    Beautiful church. And just look at that sky.

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