Hartland, North Dakota

Hartland, ND

Hartland is a tiny rural settlement in Ward County, about 25 miles northwest of Minot.  Unfortunately, much of what remains of Hartland is now fenced and posted “no trespassing,” so we were unable to get closer to the two abandoned homes shown here.  We saw one inhabited home on the site of Hartland.

The nearby (and often-suggested by our visitors) town of Aurelia is equally as sparse.  We did not visit Aurelia for a lack of structures to photograph.

Hartland, North Dakota

Hartland, North Dakota

Hartland, North Dakota

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Hartland, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC
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3 Responses to “Hartland, ND”
  1. myrna Stredwick says:

    My mother’s name was Agnes Hanson, Her parents had a farm outside of hartland and then moved into town. My mother used to take us kids there to viist our grandparents and at that time there was a store and a bar that I remember

  2. myrna Stredwick says:

    I forgot to add that my when my mother was in high school she played girl’s basketball for Hartland (and heard from a friend of hers, that played BB for Tagus high school, that she was rough! she graduated from Harland high school in the late 20’s! I also remember when we went to hartland we played with the stockdill girls, their parents owned the store. My mother married my dad Tom Stredwick and they lived around Berthold farmed and then bought a bar which they owned for about 50 years. I have good memories of having a good time when went to hartland.

  3. Brittany Fleming says:

    I grew up right by Hartland, about 3.5 miles from it. I graduated in 2001 and moved away. Our neighbor Selmer Norgard was one of the few still living in Hartland, though he passed away since then.

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