The Tappen Visitations

The Tappen Visitations

In the summer of 2006, the tiny town of Tappen, North Dakota briefly became the center of the UFO community when the Briese family experienced some unexplained events.

In April of that year, 16 year-old Evan Briese reported a triangle-shaped UFO on the family farm.  According to a story published in the Fargo Forum on Oct. 27, 2006 [reporter Dave Olson], Evan and his dog Buster were tending to the cows during calving season when they saw an intermittent glow.  Upon investigation, Evan discovered a triangle-shaped craft hovering over a watering hole, seemingly investigating the pond with a bright beam of light.  Buster took off toward the craft barking, at which point the UFO lifted off the ground and flew away into the night at such speed it created a sonic boom.  Evan’s sister Myra also heard the boom.  Later in July, Briese also reported seeing a bluish light in the sky.

However the most intriguing sighting on the Briese farm took place in Sept. of 2006.

In the early morning hours of September 12th, Evan Briese got out of bed to get a drink. Looking outside, he saw something moving in the pen that held his sister’s pregnant hog. Thinking an animal was attempting to harm the hog, Briese grabbed his .22-caliber rifle and went outside.

According to the article in the Forum:

There, he encountered two creatures standing 8 to 9 feet tall that were doing something to one of the hogs. The boy fired his rifle at one creature and was pretty sure he hit it, judging by the unearthly scream it emitted. Another creature then grabbed the boy and threw him to the ground, causing him to black out. When Evan Briese awoke, he found that Ruthy, a 450-pound sow that had been ready to give birth, was gone. The boy ran to the home of his older sister, Trista, a short distance from the house he shares with his parents. Trista Briese made a frantic phone call to her parents and it wasn’t long before they, and later the Kidder County sheriff, were on the scene. Evan Briese, whose shirt was in tatters, told his story.

The sheriff came to no conclusions about what happened to the hog.

According the story, Evan was later hypnotized and remembered more. He revealed five entities had been in the corral, and that two of them had been dragging a dead hog when he unexpectedly surprised them.

The credibility of the Tappen UFO story is indeterminate. Reports that come from teens tend to be viewed with skepticism, however Evan Briese was not known as a teller of tall tales. Other corroborating sightings have gone along with the Briese family’s tales, but there have also been confirmed meteor sightings which coincide with some of the events.

Truly unexplained.

Troy Larson is an author, photographer, gentleman adventurer (debatable) from Fargo, North Dakota, and co-founder of Ghosts of North Dakota. @NorthDakotaTroy

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    1. I have known Evan’s dad since high school. We are from a neighboring town and have had UFO sightings as well. This is an honest, hardworking family, as well as an honest, hard-working community. If they say there were entities and a UFO, there was without question, entities and a UFO. Thank you for publishing a positive article and giving this credit.

      1. Hello Paula,

        I am a reporter with KXMB-CBS in Bismarck and wanted to revisit this story to learn about any new developments in the past seven years — or if it’s still a mystery. Would you be willing to meet with us to share exactly what you shared in your above post?

        Best regards,
        Barbara Sharp
        News Reporter

  1. I remember hearing about this. I find it believable. One night, driving to Fargo from Bismarck, I saw a bright green light descend from the sky at an angle. It was a powered decent, not a falling star or anything like that. The green also did not blink like the lights on a commercial aircraft do. Minutes later, I was able to count 10 or 12 contrails from jet aircraft that criss-crossed the area. It was a cloudless night so the contrails were easily visible by moonlight. Obviously it was something important and probably secret since there were so many contrails and nothing on the news about anything falling from orbit. it happened about the time this happened, and in the same area.

  2. When I was in high school, around 1987 or 1988, on the way home one night, my friends and I saw what looked to be a round flying object with rotating colored lights. It was headed south towards Bismarck. The next morning, while waiting for the school bus, we were listening to the radio and the dj was asking anybody who saw this flying object to contact the radio station and talk to him. He said it came from the North and was spotted a short time after we saw it. Unfortunately, I was not able to call in because I had to go to school and I never knew if anyone else had called it. By the way, it was my first sighting but not my 2 friends. They had seen something similar a few times. Not sure what it was, but it was definitely interesting.

  3. This is very interesting.. I know a lot of UFO sightings have been reported, but not documented by the proper authorities, thus ignored.
    One question, “Are those Sail Boats in the background?”

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