Blabon, North Dakota

Two Views of Blabon, 97 Years Apart

These two dramatically different views of Blabon, North Dakota vividly depict how quickly things changed for some small North Dakota railroad communities in the twentieth century.

Blabon, 1916

The postcard above was sent to Olaf Andersen in Detroit on October 4th, 1916 with a message written in a foreign language. The photo by C.A. Sund reveals an entire townscape which has virtually vanished from the prairie with the exception of the two homes on the left.

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Blabon, North Dakota

In 2013, the two homes above are the only two remaining structures shown in the postcard above.  The church, the grain elevator, and all the other structures (with perhaps the exception of the homes on the extreme left edge of the postcard) are gone today.

Photos by Terry Hinnenkamp except where noted.
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6 Responses to “Two Views of Blabon, 97 Years Apart”
  1. James Twaddle says:

    I would like to see the back of the postcard from 1916.

  2. Cali G says:

    There is no one living here?

  3. Nancy L. Free says:

    My Mother, Esther Olivia (Norberg) LaFrance was born in Blabon, North Dakota on April 24, 1926. I visited the town with her and her Mother (my Grandmother) — Olga (Amendson) Norberg sometime in the late 1950′s. The bed my Mother was born in, was still in the run down abandon house they had lived in. These wonderful photos mean more to me than words can say. Thank you

  4. Mary Lorenz says:

    Do you have any plans to include Blabon in a future book? My dad and his twin brother were born in Blabon in 1932. Thanks. Love your website.

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