Verendrye, North Dakota

Flooding in Verendrye

Steven Lee sent in these photos of Verendrye, North Dakota with the following comments:

My father, Howard Lee, took these photos. They were taken during the flooding of the Mouse River sometime in the mid to late forties. He grew up on his grandfather’s (Herbrand Lee) farm, 2 or 3 miles northeast of Verendrye. Herbrand Lee homesteaded in the area.

These photos make an interesting compliment to our other Verendrye photos.  These photos were taken in the 40’s, Kathy Haynes sent some taken in the 60s, and we photographed the facade of the Falsen school in 2010.

Verendrye, North Dakota

Verendrye, North Dakota

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Verendrye, North Dakota

Photos contributed by Steve Lee
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  1. Sharon Klemm says:

    Thanks to Steve Lee for sharing these; they are great.

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