Verendrye, North Dakota

Watch Verendrye Age Forty Years

Yesterday, Steve Lee sent us some photos of flooding in Verendrye, North Dakota. They were taken by his father during the Mouse (Souris) River floods “sometime in the mid to late forties.”

My father, Howard Lee, took these photos.  He grew up on his grandfather’s (Herbrand Lee) farm, 2 or 3 miles northeast of Verendrye. Herbrand Lee homesteaded in the area. 

Today, Steve sent us another photo with the following note:

I just noticed, on Google Earth, that this structure is no longer standing. With that in mind, here is a photo of that storefront from about 1983. It was taken with a 4×5 Crown Graphic. I was trying to emulate the same angle as my father’s photo.

With that we have two images of the same place, separated by a generation, captured by a father and son with deep family roots in North Dakota.  We put the two photos together in an animation.  Watch as the General Store in Verendrye ages nearly 40 years:

Verendrye Ages 40 Years

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Photos by Howard and Steven Lee
Animation by Troy Larson
Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

4 Responses to “Watch Verendrye Age Forty Years”
  1. Debra says:

    Love the animations as much as I love this site. I wish all these towns could be preserved with new families to live good lives.
    But as the land is bought either privately or the state/county gets it unfortunately because of today’s liability the unstable buildings would need to come down.
    Keep the pictures coming!

    • Lynn Mickelson says:

      WOW!!! What a difference time makes! Makes me wonder what all these people did after these photos were taken. I wonder if there is anyone alive today who remembers when this big ol’ “DUCK” came rolling in to town. I absolutely LOVE this web site and spend quite a bit of time here. It is so very interesting to read about the history and how these communities slowly died away. The site, photos and history of Omemee made me so very depressed…more than any other community that I have read about here. The photos of a once vibrant and sizeable town, the several houses and business enterprises that existed and to see all the people on the train depot platform……to what is left today. In all reality, this must have declined very rapidly since we are not talking anywhere near 100 years time span. Depressing…but very interesting and a big “Thank You” to all of you to keep these memories alive.

      Lynn Mickelson

  2. John Burgum says:

    Love this pic – thanks for posting this. I lived in Towner from 1966 through 1968, aged 4-7 (trust me, the math works), and I remember my first favorite home town so well. BTW – we called it the Mouse. Only Canadians and TV anchors from Minot called it the “Souris”.


  3. Dave D says:

    I’m from the Mohall area and we also only ever called it the Mouse River as well (mainly due to the park west of town).

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