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By / February 19, 2014 / Corinth, ND

We visited Corinth in May of 2010 and we were thrilled at the photo opportunities. Corinth is in Williams County, about thirty minutes northeast of Williston. A follower on Facebook reports the 2014 population of Corinth is 4 residents.  Please enjoy these previously unpublished shots.

Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota Order Books Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota

Inside the doorway of the school.

Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota Corinth, North Dakota

From a distance, Corinth looks like any other small town.

Corinth, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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Lynn Mickelson

Yes, another sad reminder of a lively place that once was. Kids playing in the playground, sliding down that ‘really steep, fast, scarey slide’. The kids that went to that little school….how many of them turned out to be Drs., teachers, electricians, scholars and everything else? How many are still around the area? How many are still alive? A business that once was. Did they sell dry goods, groceries, candy or hardware? Sure wasn’t a Walmart. This looks a whole lot more interesting. Yes, and even a “two holer”. Bet they didn’t use hand sanitizer back then. And look at how many people survived! Yes, memories!!

Lynn Mickelson

Wendy Johnson

I lived in Corinth from age 2 to age 10. Have great memories. Played at that school house many times.


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