More Nekoma, North Dakota ?>

More Nekoma, North Dakota

We got these photos of Nekoma, a town of about fifty in Cavalier County, in August of 2011. We stopped in to get photos of the nearby Stanley Mickelsen Safeguard Complex, and shot a bunch of stuff in town as well. These are some photos from our archive, never before posted. Enjoy.

Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma Coliseum

Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma, North Dakota

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Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma, North Dakota

Nekoma, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

17 thoughts on “More Nekoma, North Dakota

  1. Always enjoy seeing your new photos….even if they are a few years old. They are still new to me and everyone else that visits this wonderful site. Remember when the red, white & blue STANDARD sign was a “standard” in so many little towns? I’m gonna bet that the broken sign above the door of your last photo was a HAMM’S BEER sign….also nearly a “standard” in so many small rural communities. Oh, what wonderful memories that you bring to many of us. Thank You so much!

    Lynn Mickelson.

    1. The other article had a picture of the other side and on that side, the Hamm’s slogan is plainly visible, so you are right. Almost as common in my opinion back in the ’70s or so were signs for Grain Belt beer.

      1. I won’t go back to Nekoma again because its a ghost town since I was born w/no activities,shows or enterainment to go & see

        1. & when I was there Al & Elaine sundberg & the rest of the family treated me as I wasn’t there every time I was there

    1. You’re welcome : ) (I had noticed in the past that a lot of times in the main article, they mention whatever the approximate current population, or lack thereof, is.)

  2. I lived in this town for 13 years. Some of the residents live more in the country, so that is why it looks like a “ghost town.” One of the main sources for keeping the town alive is the Pain Reliever Bar located a block down from where these photos were taken. Also, these photos only capture one block of the town.

    1. Yes, as this post states “a town of about fifty in Cavalier County.” Obviously we’re not gonna go take pictures of the homes where people live and put them on our website. No need to take offense.

  3. Drank Beer in those taverns back when stationed at the Stanley MiCkelson site for 1 year in 70s.. Site was operational for 1 day.

    1. the town there wasn’t no one around & nothing to keep you occupy doing in town to only do is to sleep only thing there was is a bar the rest of the building was abandon empty buildings boring..

  4. Nekoma was “bustling” during the ABM days! I worked in Military Personnel at the base, and most days we went to the Nekoma Bar, as it was called then, for lunch. Great pizza, cold brew..and fine folks (grew up in Langdon, so knew most Nekoma residents!

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