Grace City, North Dakota

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Grace City was on our list of places to visit when we stopped in nearby Mose and Juanita in 2004, but we headed off in pursuit of other attractions and didn’t make it to Grace City until May of 2014.

Grace City is in Foster County, about twenty minutes northeast of Carrington, and it had 63 residents as of the 2010 Census.

Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Order Books Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota

The intersection of Main Street and N Railroad Ave has been relocated to this former pump island.

Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota Grace City, North Dakota

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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My picture still hangs on the wall inside the school (last picture) on the way to the cafe. I remember the day they took a picture of all of us grade K-12 for the last year the school would be open. I was in 4th grade. Now, it has been converted into a self-storage and the old cafeteria is a small town cafe.


It just amazes me how clean all these towns are, I never see any trash around, lawns are cut and useable buildings are all nicely painted.
I would love to visit all these places and especially this one for the small town cafe!

Kelly O

I live in a small town in ND. They take their little communities very seriously and have a strong desire to keep them alive. I would imagine that not one of these towns died without a fight.

Dustin Hinrichs

My Grandpa used to own and operate the service station pictured.

Whitney Irmen

My boyfriend’s grandmother used to run the post office for a number of years. If I remember right, she raised six children in it’s one room.

Becky Radtke

I taught in Grace City for three years in the 70s, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Chaperoned the Class of ’78 class trip to Denver–what an adventure! Fond memories.

Loren House

Like the website a lot. I lived in Grace City for a short time after my birth in 1958, in the Alfstad house right where you cross the rr tracks furthest to the west. My uncles and aunts were lifelong residents of Grace City; Merlin and Katherine House, Thomas and Delores House, Raymond and Cecila House, along with many cousins. My gramma Ruth lived in a small house on the west side of town near the paved road. I spent many a day visiting relatives and waiting on Dad to get farm machines fixed at Lorris Sandvols shop (pictured), and hauling grain to the elevator(pictured). My parents were Frederick and Hazel House.

Bryce Nelson

I owned the Standard Oil gas station in Grace City in the 1960’s which was next to my father-in-law Lorris Sandvol’s garage. My gas station is pictured but Lorris Sandvol’s garage is not. Both buildings are owned by Munsons now.


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