Highland Township Country School ?>

Highland Township Country School

We just happened across this old country school in Highland Township, Hettinger County. It’s just west of the Neuberg Congregational Church, about thirty miles southeast of Dickinson.

Highland Township School

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Highland Township School

It’s not scientific, but we’ve found the general rule is: the more remote the place, the less vandalism we see. Terry and I both thought this school had a remarkable number of window panes still unbroken.

Highland Township School

Highland Township School

Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

2 thoughts on “Highland Township Country School

  1. And the window panes that are broken could just as easily been the work of hail from years of severe thunderstorms known to roll across the plains rather than of uncivilized barbarians.

  2. Sometimes glass window panes just fall out when the putty used to hold them in gives out. Occasionally birds peck at the edges of the windows as well. Rain, wind,hail temperature change, humidity and actions by humans, animals and other factors may be involved in their destruction.

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