Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

We were on our way home from an adventure shooting abandoned places in the Bakken oil patch when we drove right past this place. Like usual, Terry spotted the place first and through the trees we saw three or four buildings, yellow prairie flowers, and a red roof, just off the highway.

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

We made a quick diversion from our route home and thirty seconds later we had ducked down the overgrown former driveway into this little island of beauty, totally surrounded by a shelter belts of trees.

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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Troy Larson is an author, photographer, gentleman adventurer (debatable) from Fargo, North Dakota, and co-founder of Ghosts of North Dakota. @NorthDakotaTroy

9 thoughts on “Abandoned Fort Berthold Farm

    1. I don’t know. Is it? Are you the property owner? Or are you just asking in the abstract, strictly constitutional, property rights-type scenario? If there weren’t any no trespassing signs, and no fences, and nobody who owns the proerty cares or says anything, then is it trespassing? You posted this comment a week ago, but nobody seems concerned but you. I expect a purist answer from you, but I’m making a point.

      1. I have two farnsteads with older buildings on them. In the last couple years, someone removed several thousand dollars worth of metal from one. I doubt they will ever be caught, but if they are, I was told they will be charged with trespassing and theft of property among other charges. I guess that I am just curious if advertising abandon farm sites doesn’t doesn’t aid the problem.

        1. You know what else might aid the problem? Leaving several thousand dollars worth of your personal property on an old farm where nobody lives any more.


          I just went back and read this post about the Ft Berthold Farm again, and I couldn’t help but notice there’s no location given, other than “along the highway” in the vicinity of Fort Berthold. So how exactly has anybody “aided the problem?”

          I have an idea. If you guys are so strongly opposed to some guys photographing old properties that nobody gives a shit about anymore, how about you GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND DON’T COME BACK, and leave this website to those of us who understand what it’s about.

          1. I do enjoy your site. That was until now, and I do understand what it’s about. It’s all about money. For all I know you could be the one who visited one of my farm sites. From your use of language, I can also tell that you are a HOOT to hang around with.

  1. I’ve actually never set foot in North Dakota, but the fact that we just randomly met in this comment thread and you think I’m the guy who visted your farm and stole your property just shows what kind of conspiratorial whackjob you are, Tom.

    I have spent a lot of time in my state photographing abandoned places, and I’ve been harrassed by A-holes like you too. Guys who wanna harrass a coupkle of photographers for visiting a property that doesn’t even belong to you, where the ownership is unknown, where there aren’t any fences or signs or even signs of life. Let me guess, you’re a STRICT rule follower, and it just BURNS YOUR ASS when a couple of guys harmlessly photograph an abandoned farm.

    You’re sad, Tom. Find something else to be a grumpy jerk about.

    1. Sorry, I was just asking a question. Didn’t mean to cause you a temper tantrum. I accused no one. I don’t know you from Adam and I am quite sure I don’t know the person who got my stuff from Adam. That is the only thing that you and he have in common. You probably just want to take some more meds and lye down for awhile. Anyway have a nice day.

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