Order Churches of the High Plains

Order Churches of the High Plains

Churches of the High Plains is a 120 page, hardcover, coffee table book featuring photos of churches, both active and abandoned, across the High Plains of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Manitoba. Churches of the High Plains is part travelogue, part photo essay, and all history appreciation, and includes comments from the photographers, historical tidbits, stories from current and former church members and staff, and a lot more. A wide variety of faiths are represented in this volume, including Catholic, Lutheran, Congregational, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Greek and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, and more.

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  1. Troy: Do you have a book of just Hannah, ND. There is a photo of the farm house where I grew up.
    I would love to have all of the pictures of Hannah
    Let me know if you have a book of Hannah.
    Betty Sommer
    my email address is: bsporky732@gmail.com

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