About Us

About Us

GhostsOfNorthDakota.com is a partnership of two native North Dakotans, Troy Larson and Terry ‘Rat’ Hinnenkamp.  This website is an endeavour to photographically document the remains of North Dakota’s pioneer towns before they vanish to the ages. This project has nothing to do with ghosts or the supernatural.

Ghosts of North Dakota began when Troy and Terry worked together at a Fargo radio station. In September of 2003, they made plans to seek out an abandoned location in which they could spend the night, with the idea that they would “record their experiences” for a theater of the mind radio special on Halloween. They never did spend the night in an abandoned place, but in the process of researching potential locations, they realized they had a shared appreciation for these forgotten locales.

That fall, they visited their first few towns, Blabon and Sherbooke, North Dakota among them, and took some photos. Troy submitted the photos to the operators of a ghost town website, but got no response and the photos were never published. So, in the spring of 2004, they launched Ghosts of North Dakota. Soon, suggestions began pouring in, and the positive feedback was so overwhelming that they knew they had to continue, and a motive became clear. Many of the places they were photographing were beyond saving, because of their deteriorating condition, remote location, or both. If the buildings themselves couldn’t be saved, they reasoned, photos would at least preserve a visual record after they were gone.

Today, Ghosts of North Dakota is one of the most visited North Dakota destinations on the web, and has spawned five books which can be found at bookstores and giftshops statewide in North Dakota, or order online here..

Troy Larson is a father, husband, writer, publisher, and photographer.  Originally from Minot, North Dakota, Troy traveled the country in the radio industry for over a decade before settling in Fargo in 2002.  Troy is the President of the company he founded with Terry Hinnenkamp, Sonic Tremor Media.

Terry Hinnenkamp is a husband and dad, full-time radio personality in Fargo, plus photographer and antique-hound.  Terry is a native Fargoan who spent several years living and backpacking through Europe before returning to Fargo in 2003.  Terry is the Vice-President of Sonic Tremor Media.

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