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Divide County
Inhabited as of 5/10

Still More Ambrose, North Dakota ?>

Still More Ambrose, North Dakota

The photos on this page are another collection of the photos we took when we visited Ambrose, North Dakota in the summer of 2010. Ambrose, in Divide County, is a town of 26 according to the 2010 Census, and we intend revisit again sometime soon. There is a lot to photograph in Ambrose. See the rest of our Ambrose galleries here. The former hospital in Ambrose was vacant and slowly being overtaken by trees when we took these photos in…

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More Photos of Ambrose ?>

More Photos of Ambrose

Laura Enerson Castro contributed these photos of Ambrose.  A few of her comments are listed as captions. To see photos from our trip to Ambrose, click here. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Ambrose, ND ?>

Ambrose, ND

Ambrose is just north of Highway 5 in the northwestern corner of the state, just three miles from the US-Canadian border. Ambrose has been on our radar for some time. It is a well-known town in ghost town circles and has been the subject of numerous media reports for a variety of reasons, most notably it’s dwindling population. We knew Ambrose would be beautiful and there would be good photographs to be taken, but honestly, we were caught unprepared. We…

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