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Derelict Firehouse in Berlin, North Dakota

Derelict Firehouse in Berlin, North Dakota

Berlin, North Dakota is a small town in Lamoure County in southeastern North Dakota. Although many of the structures which once existed in Berlin are now gone (the school for one), there are some impressive structures still standing. Sabrina Hornung contributed a few photos of Berlin in 2011. In the summer of 2012 we were able to get to Berlin and capture these photos for ourselves.

Berlin, North Dakota

This old fire station is in quite good condition. Hopefully someone has plans to maintain and/or restore this because the old fire stations are rapidly disappearing from North Dakota’s dwindling small towns.

Berlin Legion Post 206

This is the former bar and service station.

US Census Data for Berlin
Total Population by Place

1910 – 137
1920 – 130
1930 – 135
1940 – 132
1950 – 124
1960 – 78
1970 – 76
1980 – 57
1990 – 32
2000 – 35
2010 – 34

The ceiling and the floor of Pete’s Ponderosa — both caved in.

The former blacksmith shop.


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Berlin, North Dakota

An old horse-drawn firewagon

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

Berlin, North Dakota, 2011

Berlin, North Dakota, 2011

Berlin is located in a sparsely populated region of south-central North Dakota, about 50 miles south southeast of Jamestown. Sabrina Hornung contributed these photos of Berlin. (In 2015, Sabrina became the Editor of the High Plains Reader in Fargo. Tweet her via HPR here.)

“I have included photos from Berlin ND. According to Wikipedia there were 35 people living in Berlin according to the 2000 Census. I stumbled upon an old blacksmith shop and everything was in tact except for the belt that connected the bellows. I also included a couple of photos from the old firehall. I thought that it was interesting that the remains of the fire wagon were still intact and in the building. One of the other buildings I came across was an old Legion building and I snapped a photo through the window. I have a cousin that lives in Berlin Germany that is always begging me to visit, so I sent her a photo of me in Berlin ND. She definitely got a kick out of that!”

We visited Berlin ourselves in 2012 and were thrilled at the photo opportunities. Not only is the fire station a great shot, but there’s an old blacksmith’s shop too.

Photos by Sabrina Hornung. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC