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Foster County
Inhabited as of 6/10

Bordulac, ND

Bordulac, ND

Thank you to Dustin Person and Durton Koble for contributing these photos of Bordulac. Dustin’s comments: I was really surprised by this town as well, the population is around 15-20, and the elevator and bar & grill are the only businesses in town. The white building was the Bordulac Hall. The reddish building was the Carrington train station I believe, and it must have been moved the 9 miles to Bordulac.





Click Here to see our photo of Bordulac Bank, taken in 2005.

Photos by Dustin Person. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media

Bordulac Bank

Bordulac Bank

Stutsman County
The former Bordulac Bank building

Bordulac, ND is just a few miles SE of Carrington, ND, in Foster County. Although Bordulac has a population, we thought this building was pretty cool and worthy of a pic on the site.


Photo by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC