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McKenzie County
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Charbonneau, ND

Charbonneau, ND

Charbonneau, ND is in a very sparsely populated area of western North Dakota. As far back as 1960, Charbonneau had already been de-listed from the Census. According to North Dakota Place Names by Douglas A. Wick, Charbonneau was founded in 1913 and a peak population of 125 was reported in 1920. Charbonneau’s name was derived from nearby Charbonneau Creek, which was in turn named for the interpreter on the Lewis & Clark expedition, Toussaint Charbonneau.

Our friend John Piepkorn contributed these photos with the following comments:

The attached pictures are from Charbonneau. It is a true ghost town west of Alexander and about a mile south of Highway 200 in McKenzie County. The post office closed in the 1960’s and is no longer there. The school in still standing, but the ceiling is starting to crumble. There is a small cemetery up on the hill as you enter the town from the North and a couple of grain elevators that appear to be in decent shape. There are also two houses that are still standing, one of which, I took a couple of interior shots, and also an interior shot of the school.

Photos by John Piepkorn. Original content copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC.