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Kidder County
Inhabited as of 5/05

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Return to Crystal Springs

We first visited Crystal Springs in 2005, primarily to photograph the abandoned school which is quite visible from the Interstate.  We didn’t find out until later that we had neglected to photograph a portion of Crystal Springs which waits just north of the highway.  So, on Memorial Weekend of 2013, we returned to Crystal Springs. While many towns suffered when they were bypassed by an interstate, Crystal Springs’ decline was hastened when it was bisected by the interstate, effectively cutting…

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Crystal Springs, ND ?>

Crystal Springs, ND

Kidder County Status: Inhabited as of 5/05 Crystal Springs is a town with perhaps 8 to 10 inhabited homes and/or farms, but this school and church are no longer in use (there is another church in Crystal Springs which appears to be used regularly). The white church pictured right is partially covered in a new coat of white paint, so maybe a restoration is underway. The town was built in 1873 and the Post Office opened in 1884. Crystal Springs…

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